Monday, December 26, 2011

Holidays & The 2ww

First of All 
Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Scott & I had a fabulous time! 
Lots of Love and Gifts from Family & Friends! We also hosted an Open House Party on Christmas Day that had a wonderful turn out! Some of our favorite gifts were..
Me: Canon Camera and Promaster bag, flash, and tripod!
Scott: An iPhone4s (I dont think he put it down all day/night)
How was your Christmas?! 
A few Pictures from the weekend! 
Christmas Eve
Oma Opening her Presents

Christmas Eve 

Merry Christmas Eve! 

& NOW...The 2 Week Wait...
Since the busy weekend is over and I no longer have sugar cookies and tissue paper balls dancing in my head the focus is back on the little swimmers! praying they found their egg..we are now offically in the 2ww the dreaded awful slowest time during a ttc journey..I have a lot of cleaning and re orginazing to keep me busy but it will be weighing heavly on my mind! Oh and! the Dr. office calls! I know everyone loves those right?
Well after my US I of course didnt recieve a call so I had to call them, which in turn they have to call me back..2 days later..I get a voice mail saying this is nurse so in so..calling to tell you we dont have your results in yet and usually these things take at LEAST a week...(emphasizing on the AT LEAST) part (I guess they are sick of me calling?!) and They will get back to me when they know something...NOW I was under the impression from Dr. W that he would be calling the next day to let us know what to do, I mean we obvisuly know "what to do" buttttt...I would still like him to call and say okay this is a good time to go for it and bla bla bla but I guess that is not how it's going to work..
So we will just stick to advice from google :) 
Hoping this times a charm! 
 Happy soon to be New Years Everyone! I am going to start working on my list of resolutions! :)


  1. It was so Beautiful!!
    You did an amazing job and I'm so proud of the Hostess with the Mostess that you have become!
    Everyone had a great time.
    You didn't post a picture of your shoes though!They were awesome and you looked gorgeous.

  2. Oh, the two week wait....I have such mixed feelings about it! It is a time filled with hope and excitement. Yet, it drags on and on forever. That second week is torture! Hang in there....wishing you that BFP this cycle!

  3. •Thanks Momma! I did forget my shoe pic! :( I will just have to wear them again!
    •Jen I totally agree about the two week wait its such a double edge sword! Thanks for the wishes!:)