Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Congratulations & Rambling

Where is the snow! why is it 50 degrees on December 14th in Ohio!~ It should be snowing and cold and I should be trapped in my house forced to lay on the couch and blog! No Fair Mother Nature No Fair!
Today is taking forever! I just want it to be Friday so I can have my follies checked to make sure they are growing! (positively thinking big numbers!)
I just wanted to express all the joy that I am feeling right now!
I am so happy for all my blogging girls that just got their BFP's!!! Congratulations to 
& a Special Congrats to Many Many Moons who will be bring home their baby boy 
sometime in the next 2 weeks
And to all the others out there that received their BFP's in November a big Congratulations to You!! 
For those of us still in the BFN boat..Don't give up hope! Our time is coming!
 I can feel it! 

Now for some rambling....
Clomid makes me cry...not like a tear here and there like on the verge of tears at all time. Crying sometimes for no reason, sometimes for very good reasons but all I know is that I am pretty sure I am running out of tears! what will I do when I really need them? My poor husband, I know he feels so helpless when he walks in the room and sees me attempting to apply mascara to my tear soaked eyes in efforts to make myself feel better. Its just so scary to think about sometimes. I was blog reading this weekend and I came across a post that made me stop and think. I never imagined myself having only one child, I want many children a whole house full, but the reality of that happening is beginning to fade away with every failed attempt at making just one healthy baby. Will we have to go through this again to have more children, will we adopt instead? could we be foster parents? all of the things I never really thought of are now consuming my mind.

Onto Happy Thoughts
The Boutique is coming soon I PROMISE! with Christmas so close we decided to wait until after the New Year to Open it, but boy O boy do we have some adorable stuff for your little ones!
 I cant wait to share it with you all! 
Scott got a promotion at work! He is now the Head of the Art Department at his company! He starts back to his normal schedual in January! and I couldnt be more excited to get back into the routine! I love leaving for work at the same time and getting home just in time to get dinner started before he arrives! Having our meals at the table! & stop eating from bags on the couch, sharing stories of our days and then spending the evening doing whatever we feel like! Ahhh I cant wait! 
Mia Marie
My dear cousin Jillian finds out what she is having this Thursday!(crossing my fingers and toes for a boy!)  Baby Mia's 1st Birthday is Friday!
they are coming to town Saturday morning so we can have a HUGE 
1st Birthday party for Miss Mia!  (Mia a few minutes old→)
& Christmas...O Christmas how you still managed to sneak up on me! even though I was the one crying Christmas in September! Something about having 100 people invited to my open house party in less than 2 weeks makes me a little nutty! I have so much to do! yet for the past 5 days I have been using the excuse of needing to grow big follies as a reason to skip the house work and lay on the couch! 

Resting up to grow those Follies!


  1. Grow follies, grow :) I'm sorry about the tears--I cried a lot with clomid, too. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara! Just know that it will all be worth it in the end. I think you will be a wonderful mother, and you *will* get your houseful of children!

  2. :) I am glad Its "normal" to cry on clomid! :) and Thank you very much! I can hardly wait until tomorrow!

  3. Thank you so much for my shout out!! :)