Monday, November 19, 2012

Wonderful Weekend Wrap up

This weekend was a busy one! 
Friday was not very fun but the 
rest of the weekend rocked! 
I will start with the fun! 
Saturday night we met with my parents, 
their best friends and daughter at the Greene 
for the lighting of the tree! 

We had a front row seat at  Brio 
Outside of course but we were bundled up warm 
& had Mint Chocolate Martini's to sip from 

See all those people!? we were safe from that mess and I heard a lot of people 
saying oh we should have made reservations and sat there! lol.. 
you snooze you lose people. 
The Martini above was SO good! 
It's original name is "Dirty Girl-scout" 
which I think is an absolutely disgusting name for a drink. 
so I renamed it "Thin Mint" :) much better right?!
This is Sarah... She is 12 going on 23...

 My Mom and Teri 
 Girls table! Boys had their own ;)
Dad and Scott Love them! ♥
So much festive fun! 
 Sarah takes blurry pictures..this is take 12 of 20!
 Pork Chops 
Crab cakes! 

If there is a Brio near you I recommend going! 

After dinner Scott and I headed down to our favorite 
cantina, Elsa's to meet up with some friends 
and have a night out on the town! 
I wish I had some pictures of the evening but I only got one..
and it explains the night very well. 
need I say more?

Sunday Scott and I spent the WHOLE day on the couch! 
well minus me going into work at 8am for an hour.. 
don't even ask me how I managed that, 
because I am still not too sure! 
around 5pm he headed into work for a bit while 
I went over to visit L and the kids 
we met back up around 8 and started to put up 
some Christmas stuff!
We are having a Thanksgiving evening at our house. 
Everyone is doing their things during the day
then we are meeting at our house for 
another meal and some lounging on the couch...
wanna know the best part?!
It's a Pajama Party! 
I. Cant. Wait. 
 testing lights!
Hanging lights! 

That's about all we got done! haha! 
tonight the real stuff is coming out of the attic! Eek!!

So back to Friday.. 
Friday was 3 days into 200mg of clomid 
and I was feeling it. 
I didn't feel the best when I woke up that morning 
and I had an ALL day meeting to attend. 
10am-4pm meeting with eat in lunch
So during the meeting I kept feeling like I was going to pass out
then I felt like I was going to puke! 
and all I wanted to do was cry! 
I made it all the way until 4, how I'm not sure 
but as soon as I got to the car I sobbed 
and sobbed and sobbed until the tears stopped 
streaming and I felt relief. 
I guess I just needed a good cry?! 
When I got home from work Scott packed me in 
his car and off we went to look at Christmas lights 
and eat at smash burger! 
He had a BIG burger! I had some onion straws!

Haha! I love him! He totally turned by frown upside down :D 

Wednesday is our second follicle scan for the month 
which determines the fate of this cycle! 
I am fairly confident that they have grown 
because I felt like I popped one when I coughed this morning! 
But we will see! What will be will be! 
And one last thing! 
newest little customer! 
Her mom rushed to meet us at the craft show 
to find a headband to match her darling little dress!
as her photo shoot was that day! 
Thank goodness we had the perfect 
headband to accompany her perfect dress!

 Have a fabulous week! 
& Happy Thanksgiving! 


  1. Great pics, especially the martini... Yum! I can't even imagine how you are feeling with this high dosage of clomid on top of the clomid you already took. I bet you have some great follicles on Wednesday!

  2. I love Brio - we have one her in Clayton. That martini looks diving. Love the Christmas light pics - we put ours up outside this weekend. Hum... tell me more about this "smash burger" - never heard of it and it looks GOOD! I am thinking of you and hoping Wednesday is a HAPPY Follicle day.

  3. I'm so glad that Saturday and Sunday made up for Friday!! And so sorry the Clomid was making you feel so sick. A good cry always feels good and I'm happy you let it out, gf. I wish we had a Brio near us...I will have to look it up - looks and sounds wonderful!! And the "thin mint" martinis - YUM! It sounds like you have a fun week ahead - wishing you a beautiful one, Alexis! Xoxox

  4. Think I need one of those martinis! May be my Thanksgiving after dinner dessert drink! I'll have to look it up. So sorry you are dealing with two rounds of clomid! I am so scared to start in Dec. Sometimes a good cry is so necessary. I had one on my way home tonight. It was necessary. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day is awesome and your PJ party is even better!

  5. I should try Brio it looks oh so good. Looks like you had such a fun weekend. Enjoy the week and Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. You take such fun pictures!!! It looks like it was a great time :)