Monday, November 5, 2012

Moving right along!

Well AF showed on time! {happy dance}
 I went in for my baseline today, everything looked great 
and my favorite nurse practitioner answered a lot of my questions! 
We are switching it up and doing 150mg of clomid days 3-7 
and 2 trigger shots, one on day 13 and one five days later. 
Follicle scan in next Wednesday! I found out I am not 
at my life time max for clomid and that it depends on the Doctor 
some will only do 6 some will do more.
Our plan is this month... It's going to work! 
but if for some reason it doesn't we will be switching to 
Fermara. Erin made a good point that if what we are 
trying isn't working after 3 months in a row then its 
time to switch it up. It doesn't mean we can never come 
back to clomid it means we try something else and see if it works. 
I am going to try to have to most positive attitude I can for the 
next 3 weeks! Positive thinking only! :) 
My sweet flop socks from Janet!
This weekend was busy! 
We cleaned.. CLEANED our house 
I think I mentioned before that we are going to list our 
house this march?! Well we decided we were 
going to start throwing shit away, well more like give 
it away but just get rid of it. I dont wanna take a bunch of 
junk to the new house! Plus Scott had a very important 
freelance meeting Sunday and since his office is in our house 
I was a super freak about it being clean! 
His client is a former OSU kicker! 
He complimented the smell as soon as he walked in 
thanks to 4 bath and body works candles :)
and he loved the decor! I was one happy lady 
listening through the door of our bedroom lol.. 
After Scott's meeting we headed to the UD basketball game
UD basketball is my FAVORITE sport to watch 
we have great seats and love going! 
After the game we grabbed some dinner, then home to finally relax. 

At 6:30pm I will take 3 clomid pills 
and start my prayers! 
I was also thinking about taking Maca root.. 
in form of a smoothie has anyone heard of Maca root?
or tried it? I've read awesome things about it 
but I just wonder if it really helps... 
Any feedback would be awesome!! 

Don't forget to vote tomorrow! Doesn't matter to me who your voting for 


  1. You. Are. Amazing.
    I LOVE the positive thinking only (anytime you see your Momma slip just do the zzzzzzz thing in my face lol)
    I love you, Scott AND those socks!
    Here's to happy days ahead!

  2. VOTED!!! and thinking of you - your spirit is amazing:)

  3. One thing my RE has always stressed is to not think about the cycles that did not work but to put you all in the cycle that you are in. I think that is exactlly what you are doing. It is also a great idea to have a plan for what will happen next if things don't go the way you planned, this way you are able to move to the next step faster and ultimately to your end goal. I am thinking about you and sending lots of good vibes your way that this is it for you. Good Luck!!!

  4. yay! so happy to hear your appointment went well and that they upped ya to 150mg! fabulous news!! i've been thinking about you so much and am so glad to see you're back on the saddle and read to kick this cycle's ass! <3
    your socks are awesome and so are you!!
    have a wonderful day!!

  5. p.s.-thank you so much for your amazing and beautiful words and support always, alexis!! they mean SO much to me. <3 <3 <3

  6. Positive vibes coming your way!! FX this cycle! I don't know all the details about the lifetime max of Clomid, but that is just what has been preached to me on TB. I'm glad your doctor could give you more answers! Love the cute socks girl!!

    Im beginning my TTC Journey here soon as well.
    Well i practically already did. Since im on Metformin and lot of other stuff.. my hormones and insulin levels are in the worst condition as they ever have been.. im close to being a diabetic... Its going to be a Journey for me as well <3