Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'll take the stairs...

Our appointment today was the worst one yet. 
as my ovaries did not feel like playing...
left and right both held follicles no bigger than 10mm!
Looks like we didn't respond to 150mg! Say what!?
Dr. B decided that we are going to stair step up to 200mg of clomid
starting tonight! In his words we are pretending today is CD3 
and starting over mid cycle!
We will take 200mg for the next 5 days and return next Wednesday
for another follicle scan. We are hoping this kicks my ovaries into gear!
If for some reason I still dont respond we will be scheduling a wtf appointment
to decide where we go from here. 
He told us not to give up hope, we have many more options.. 
he also said keep your chins high and your noses to the grindstone
and that persistence pays off! 
So here we go cycle 7 inside of cycle 6
taking the stairs and hoping to open the door 
that leads to a take home baby! 

*side note* 
I read an article today that says 
stair stepping is great for PCOS and about 74% of the time 
ovulation does in fact occur!

Fingers and toes crossed my follicles grow! 

ran a mile this morning for fun
2 miles is on the schedule for tonight!


  1. That is very interesting! I hope that you are able to get some good follies with this stair stepping process.

  2. Let's go 200! And good luck on your race. You can totally be prepared for a 5K in 8 days especially if you are already at 2 miles.

    I really appreciate your positive and great attitude about everything!

  3. Stair stepping is a great exercise! Who knew it has such great benefits too!

  4. I've never heard of stair stepping. I'll have to research it. Good luck and I hope the 200 does the trick.

    And good for you for the running goal, sounds like you're doing a great job already!

  6. I love that your doctor is willing to up your dose...I always appreciate when doctors are aggressive to an shows they mean business!! That's awesome about the stair stepping! Go get em', girl!!!!! Sending so much love xoxox

  7. I hope the higher dose does what it should. FX!

  8. Boo to that! Hopefully 200mg will do the trick. Have you considered trying Femara? That's what we used and it was great- no mood swings or anything!

  9. Im sure the stair stepping works because I was having no luck and when I started exercising a lot...running up and down my steps and running miles around the block...I finally concieved when I had given up...
    Best of luck for you! I hope the 200 works. My fingers are crossed for you !!

  10. holding everything crossed for you! Excercise is very good for you and for overall fertility! - well done :-)

  11. I'm so sorry to see you keep facing these challenges, but I love how you are always so willing to take them on! That baby is going to know how badly you wanted him/her. You are already a fantastic Mother. Keep fighting, and I will keep praying <3