Thursday, November 8, 2012


Our list of Upcoming Events! 

In order... 
In all caps because I can not freaking believe it is 2 sleeps away! 
My mom has been working her fingers to the bone 
for the past week ever! I have been over to help 
twice this week! What we have going on you ask?
Well.. We handmade tags for our items.. 
over 100 of them that needed to be tagged with the name of the item 
and the price.. so that took about oh um like 4 hours! 
then we tied pink tulle to pink candy canes and attached our 
business card with pretty pink ribbon :) 
Mom made all the stickers for the bags while 
I made the warning don't let your baby chew on this headband
 it contains small parts cards.. 
Here is a preview of what we have done.. 

All the headbands are already bagged up and ready for transport 
so you don't get to see those till Saturday! :) or you can hop over to our store to view them..

•Sunday I have to work a little in the morning 
then Scott and I are meeting an old high school friend 
and her family for Church and Brunch!
Then home to work on the house! 

•Monday: is well Monday.. Nothing exciting going on that I know of..
most likely working all day then vegging out on the couch for the night! 

•Tuesday: working during the day then home to work on the floors! Hopefully 
they will be finished tonight! YAY! 

•Wednesday: Follicle scan!!!! Then taking the day off to 
shop with my Momma! Hopefully finishing up my Christmas shopping! 
Yes I am almost finished :) I started in September! 

Thursday: Hopefully Trigger day!! YAY! 
Let the 2ww begin!!! 

Friday: Start Decorating for Christmas!!! 

That's all the further I have gotten! lol.. 

Happy Thursday! It's almost The Weekend!! 


  1. Good luck with the show!! Everything is so cute!! You are busy busy busy!! Good luck with everything:) I can't wait to start decorating for the holidays!!

  2. Good luck at your fair! Everything looks great! What kind of Christmas decorations are you putting up right now? I'm so anxious to start decorating for Christmas, but E won't let me until after Thanksgiving :( Maybe I could sneak a few pieces out without him knowing!

  3. 1 question - do you have an etsy site? Because you need one. That is all...

  4. Ahhh, everything is so so beautiful! Love the candy canes with tulle! I just received the headband from Julia and it is, so pretty!! You and your mom are so talented...I started to cry...I can't wait for baby to wear it!! I'm going to shoot you an email next week with an order...I was browsing your site and love it all! Good luck at the craft show!! You will do awesome!