Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Epic Fail(s)...

I seem to have a case of the 
dropseys lately and it's really getting on my last nerve! 
Not only do I drop my work keys at least twice a day 
I am now dropping bigger things
Like for instance 
Monday night I made a nice big batch of 
Turkey Hot Shot! 
poured a bowl for Scott and a bowl for myself 
and put the rest in a tupperware as I turned to put it 
in the fridge I bumped the edge and sent scorching hot 
turkey hot shot all over my hand and all over the fridge..not the outside 
but the inside! I almost cried for 2 reason
1 it was the best damn THS I have ever made 
and 2 because I just cleaned scrubbed my fridge
before Thanksgiving! It took about 20 minutes 
to completely clean it up which included 
taking out the crisper drawers and pulling off 
the vent cover on the bottom! 
Not a happy camper was I. 
Case number 2. 
Last night Scott was working late and I was 
dying for a large diet coke from McD's 
so I bundled up and off Waffle dog and I went 
to get a pop! 
when we returned home I stepped inside 
the house entering from the basement and 
my pop flew out of my hands and smashed to the ground. 
again I almost cried for 2 reasons. 
1 being that I was so thirsty I couldn't stand it and decided to wait
until I got home to put my straw in and take a sip which never happened
and 2 being that 
When I sent Scott the picture 
he instantly called me and said 
"Babe! Don't cry! I will bring you a new one!" 
lol. he knows the clomid crazies all to well. 
although I didn't cry I actually laughed
really laughed like belly shaking laugh 
until tears filled my eyes and I said to myself
out loud "Don't cry over spilled diet coke!"

Geeze La Weeze what a week it's been!

I will leave you with some wise words of wisdom 


  1. What the heck is Turkey Hot Shot??

    1. That's what I want to know! Sounds like I need to try it!

    2. It's so good!~ It's like creamy turkey over bread and mashed potatoes! total comfort food!

      (I never measure) in a pan over med. heat,add milk, a little chicken broth, salt, pepper, and left over gravy (if you have it) and then like a table spoon of corn starch stir it up then add your turkey and let it cook for a little bit so the flavor from the turkey spreads to the broth then taste test it! if its good pour it over your bread mashed potato combination and waaala! It's so good seriously!

  2. I want to know too!!! I hope you finally got a diet coke!'n

  3. Oh lord, doesn't it always feel like things are right after another. I seriously will make a mess and that same day will make a couple more somehow! Oh well.... tis life I guess.. right bloggie-title-twinsie?! :)

  4. Nothing is a frustrating as a mess, especially when it's something you REALLY wanted! I spent hours making my mom's favorite cookies for Thanksgiving. I packaged them up all nice in holiday container... and then dropped and spilled the whole thing all over the floor. I was so upset!

  5. Love your husband's reaction - what a sweetheart :)

  6. Ahhh, spilled diet coke - especially a giant fountain one, would make me :( too! So sweet that Scott brought you a new one!! Hope you two have a fabulous weekend! Xoxox

  7. You should see my kitchen after thanksgiving and birthdays hosted at my place- UGH! Love your constant upbeat spirit! Such an amazing example to me :)

  8. Oh no, not the Diet Coke! And not on the carpet! Ack! I’m so sorry, I know exactly how you felt. That was such a waste of good soda and time on carpet cleaning. I do hope that you got it cleaned and got the stain out before it had a chance to seep into the carpet piles and threads.