Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's all about waiting

Everything is taking soooo long today! 

First this morning the voting line was crazy! 
Scott and I waited in line for an hour and ten minutes
while he danced around and bugged me, I swear
I felt like I was standing in line with a 10 year old 
at an amusement park waiting to ride the new cool ride!
Finally it was our turn! We cast our votes and got 
our cool voting sticker and off we went! 
To get breakfast.. lol
where we had to wait again.. 
only a short 20 minutes later we were 
seated and ordering! 
then we waited on our food... and waited.. 
and waited... 
Finally we ate! 
& both headed off to work.. 
where we waited in traffic at every red light 
in town! :) 
Good thing I am only one day in to my clomid round! 
If it would have been a few days later I would 
probably be laughing, crying, swearing, and yelling!

Here are so photos of us "waiting allllll day" 

How were the lines at your polls? did you wait forever?! 


  1. I got up early and had intentions of voting before work however when I got to the polling place the line was out the door so I am going tonight when I get off work. I did have to wait at the Dr.'s for what seemed like an eternity.

  2. The beauty of living in such a small town is no long voting lines! sorry yours was so long. I am a patient person with people and kids. But I suck at waiting. I get it. :(

  3. Boo for long lines! I got lucky and just walked in and voted. No wait at my location.

  4. It probably took me like 20 minutes total to vote. There was a line but not too terrible!

  5. It is so true - sometimes waiting is the toughest!! You and Scott looked adorable while waiting!! :)
    Sending love and hoping the waiting won't feel so long this month!