Friday, November 2, 2012

Thank You

Thank You to everyone who left a kind comment on yesterdays post.
 I know it was short but I didn't really have much to say. 
I really felt like it was going to be good news. 
My boobs had been sore I had been a peeing machine 
and I didn't have any of my usual pre AF symptoms. 
But the results were negative. 
When the nurse called she was so sweet and so sad 
and she said if we were ready to jump into another cycle we could 
and if we wanted to wait we could. 
At this point moving forward is what feels right. 
The plan is the same, but I kind of feel like I may call 
and ask if we can up the dose to 150mg 
since that's the dose that worked last time. 
what do you girls think? stay at 100 or ask to jump to 150?
 Hopefully the 6th time is a charm! 
a much needed bad juan margarita date with my momma!

Hopefully AF shows on time meaning baseline Monday and round 6
of clomid on Monday. Right back into this mess of golden price 
tag ultrasounds and bitchy hormones yippy! 

I also wanted to Congratulate Maria over at 
her and her husband just found out they 
will be welcoming a baby girl to their family! 
Congratulations Maria and Steve!! 

Happy Friday Lovelies 


  1. I'm not sure if you went over this in another post, but why aren't you trying an IUI with the Clomid? This next cycle would be your lifetime max so what would the plan be going forward? If it were my last time using Clomid I would go for the 150. FX crossed for the next cycle!

    1. We have only been with the RE for two cycles, This one will make three. He never said anything about a lifetime max so I'm not sure. We were holding off on IUI because our insurance doesn't cover it. But we may be moving on to that if next cycle doesn't work. I just called and left a message asking if we could move up to 150mg I sure hope it works!!!

  2. I would say it's time to talk to your RE about changing your plan, as what you've done the last few cycles doesn't seem to be working. Had you initially discussed a plan with him/her as far as "we'll try this for this many cycles, and if that doesn't work then we'll do this, etc"?

    I'd ask about possibly adding/changing to injectibles, or like the previous commenter said, ask if IUI will increase your chances at all. I'm certainly no expert and don't want to make you feel worse than you do at the moment, but if it was me I don't think I could just keep doing the same protocol cycle after cycle with it not bringing the results I wanted. Either way, I hope you are able to get some answers, and get off this icky rollercoaster soon.

    1. We did have a consult apt. but he never said how many months we would try clomid and timed intercourse I was figuring 3 before moving on to iui but I think we need to talk to him again. I just called and left a message to ask if we could just do 150mg. I hope they say yes I am ready for some results! IUI is not covered by our insurance but I think if this last cycle doesn't work we will be moving on to that. Hopefully this time it works!

  3. I'm so sorry. :( I've gotten behind in my reading and didn't realize you had a negative. HUGS!

  4. So sad to hear this news. I hate how our bodies fake us out and let us believe this could be our time. Hoping that AF shows up soon so you can move forward to #6.

  5. I'm sorry I missed yesterday's post. I'm sending you an internet hug from me.

  6. Ugh.. I am so sorry sweetie. Nothing I am going to say will make it better, but know I am thinking of you each day and praying. Hugs and Love to you.

  7. You are such a fighter, Alexis!! You dust yourself off and get right back in there...I love it!! I think jumping up to 150mg. is a great idea, though I can kinda be aggressive (and so was our doctor). It can't hurt, right?! :) I've been thinking about you so much I admire you, how strong you are, and how you ARE going to be a mama soon (and make such an amazingly awesome one)!! I'm glad you and your mom got out for some much needed and deserved magaritas - it looks SOO good! And I'm glad you're still smiling!!
    Thank you SO much for all of your well wishes and love throughout our journey - you're a great and true friend!! Sending tons of love! Enjoy the weekend and enjoy a few more cocktails with your loves!

  8. I'm so sorry, Alexis. I know an awesome margarita can't take away all the pain ... but I hope it, as well as some time spent with your mom, brought you a little relief. Hugs.

  9. I understand why your last post was the way it was. Those few simple words said it all. I'm so sorry this wasn't your month again. I would say do what worked last time! Keep fighting, keep doing anything you can think of. I hope af comes right on time too. I'm so sorry you had symptoms that made you hopeful, I reallllly hate af. Praying for you!