Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry I have been MIA 
We have been so busy! 
and I am filling in for someone at work as well! 
I promise I will blog about something entertaining 
this week! Just bare with me! 
Quick TTC update
Its 2dpo we do our next trigger shot Thursday night! 
I think we covered our bases pretty well! 
Fingers crossed as the waiting game begins! 
Thursday night 
we are leaving for ?? I'm still not sure but we are 
going on a surprise trip for our 5 year anniversary 
which is Saturday December 1st!!! 

Be back soon my lovelies! 

Its ICLW!!! 
Happy ICLW Everyone!! 
If you are new here is a recap of our history 
and a bit about  Scott and I! 
I'm Alexis :) I am an executive assistant to my father who owns and operates 3 bowling centers I also opened an online store with my mother in July called Little Miss Millie's Boutique you can find the story behind the naming of the boutique here and you can find the store link here.
I love to shop & take long baths, hunt for rocks, bake & paint.. 
Scott is a graphic designer/embroiderer/ free lance web designer who also opened his own business! If you ever need a website designed or business cards, or anything really, you can visit him here. He loves art and rock hunting! creek walking and lazer tag. He is the best husband a woman could ask for and has an amazing heart. Everyone in the family calls him Sweet Scott :) he is pretty sweet! 

We have been together 8 years and will be married 5 years in December! 
We bought our first home 9 months after we were married. 
We have been pregnant 3 times and have lost all 3 babies. 
The last three years has been an up hill battle
but we believe our love has kept us strong. 
and also this community! 
Our last loss hit us pretty hard.
we were 12 weeks and 1 day when I spotted for the first time
we rushed to the ER to find that our baby's heart had stopped beating 
around 9 weeks :( 
We had really high hopes that this baby was going to be the one 
we held in our arms. We celebrated those first 12 weeks 
like we would be bringing a baby home in October. 
I wouldn't change the excitement we had for the world. 
I am happy we had those 3 months of joy.  
Currently we are in the middle of our 6th and 7th round of clomid! 
We have been with our RE since September and have done 3 cycles with him
This last one I went in for a follicle scan after taking 150mg of clomid
to find that my ovaries had not responded. Dr. B decided 
to stair step me up to 200mg of clomid to boost my 
ovaries into action. 
It worked. 
My follicle scan today revealed (only the right ovary was out to play) 
that we have a 15mm and a 16mm growing nice and strong
Saturday the 24th and Thursday the 29th we will be doing trigger shots
December 3rd we will be testing my progesterone 
and December 11th will be our BETA!!! 
We have a lot of hope and faith that this will be our time! 
Thank you for stopping by! We hope you decide to stay 
and follow along with us on Our Journey Through This Lovely Life!


  1. Good luck with your trigger and Happy Anniversary early!!!

  2. Have fun on your anniversary trip!!

  3. Have a beautiful trip!! Happy five years to you and Scott!! I hope you have a relaxing and fun time together. Xoxox

  4. Have a great anniversary trip! Sounds like so much fun :)

  5. Happy 5 years!! That's so cute that it's a surprise...I can't wait to hear about it =) Also, I'm so happy that the 200 kicked your ovaries into gear. Sending lots of baby dust your way!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! sooo exciting having a surprise trip! Fingers crossed for a great 2ww and for more surprises from that journey. Visiting from ICLW # 33

  7. Fingers crossed for you on this cycle!

  8. Happy Anniversary and good luck on your cycle!!!!