Tuesday, January 8, 2013


My thoughts on Moving! 

Holy S*%$&
is my first thought :) 
after moving into our house 4 years ago 
the reminders of the nightmare that it was 
to carry things in up that crazy driveway then up 2 
sets of steps! then unpacking...ughhhh..
the thought of it all make me want to yack!
So here's the current 411
we are planning to list our house on March 1st! 
we set this date 3 months ago thinking it was
a long way off and we would have plenty of time 
to wrap up some loose ends on projects that had
been started but never finished..
a few were completed but some of
the bigger tasks still remain...
and by bigger I mean bigger AND more expensive!
for instance,
The Deck out back which needs fixed..
and by fixed I mean it will most likely need
completely replaced.
One of the garage door openers needs replaced
a hole that's bigger than me in the basement wall
needs patched and painted..
(the previous owners had a stained glass
image of a ship that get this... Lit up!)
So we took that crap out right away but
are now living with a hole the size of taxes in
our wall... lets see what  else..
oh ya the master
bathroom that we completely
gutted, and re-tiled... ourselves -_-
ya that needs touched up a little.
All the baseboards we put in brand new
big thick white ones... that were never painted.
so those need painted.
oh my the list goes on...not really things that
are considered hard, but time consuming!

So enough of that yuckyness
lets move on to the fun stuff!
What I am looking for in my new house!
we have two options we are throwing around..
buying or building..
biggggg difference but if we can't find
exactly what we are looking for, then to me
it isn't worth buying!
Things I am requiring our new home to have... 
(don't make fun of how long my list is)
1. 2400sqft or more
2. A full basement (finished preferably but I will settle with unfinished)
3. (4) bedrooms +
4. (3) bathrooms +
5. A simi private lot ( I want to look at trees not my neighbors)
6. An open floor plan
7. High ceilings
8. An open entry way ( I don't want to walk in the front door
and see a set of stairs)
9. A big master bedroom with walk in closets
10. A big master bathroom with his and her sinks
a garden tub or jet tub as well as a stand alone shower
11. A room on the first floor that will be our office
12. An attic that could be finished if we choose to finish it.
13. Updated fixtures and white trim (no brown anything)
14. a 2 car garage
15. a nice big deck for entertaining.
16. A walk in pantry
17. A fenced in yard
18. Mainly brick or stone house not all siding..
19. A neighbor hood where parking on the street is not okay!
( I HATE dodging cars parked on the street that could
very well be parked in the persons driveway!)
(side note: bucket list item: to buy a junk car
and drive up and down the street bashing all the cars
that stupidly park on the street instead of in their own driveways!!!)
Drives . Me . Crazy .

Moving on..
I think that sums up my list pretty well :)

These items on my list are here for good reason.
when we bought  the house on the hill we had our work
cut out for us. and being a first time home buyer
it's scary to sign on that line then sledge hammer your walls..
We did everything from removing walls (to create an open floor plan)
ripping out every inch of carpet..pealing wallpaper
painting cabinets, replacing linoleum with tile
painting wood paneling in the basement
painting every single door in the house
changing all the hardware.. staining the deck... having trees cut down.
the list seriously goes on FOREVER...
and because we put our blood sweat and tears into
that house I wont settle ever again for anything less
than what I want. I am vowing to never EVER again
in my life, paint a door or cabinet white.
If it doesn't come the way I want it I'm not buying it!

How about you guys, have you recently moved?
or thinking of moving? is your must have list long like mine?
do you think I will find my dream home
or end up building?!

Here are a few pictures I could find of some of the work we did

The day we got the keys! (that tree is no longer there!) 
Removal of the wall, floor and painting of the cabinets 
framing out the new open space, old chandler! cabinets white

getting rid of the nasty blue gray carpet! 

shows the bare floors and white walls 
omg that kitchen!!! lol Scott a little younger and an little sleep deprived! 
carpet in the master! GAG ME!

installing the wood floors :)
look at that wall paper! blue carpet!! wood paneling! 70's tile! UGH

AH here is the sail boat light up I was telling you about! Scary huh?!
you can see the 70's tile and blue carpet better in this one!
The master... ya yikes.
True fact: I didn't use this bathroom AT ALL
until we completely gutted and remodeled it!
it was super creepy!

okay enough of that scaryness!! 
here are some of the after pictures!

Master bath: still needs the door frame and an outlet cover... 

hall bath
instead of messing around with painting the yellow tile
white, I decided to decorate the bathroom in yellow and gray
It totally works! as long as the new buyers like yellow and gray lol...
this is the only pic I have of the basement right now, you can kinda see the wood paneling
is white and the walls are tan :) also new carpet! 

we JUST put the spare room back together, this was the only room in the
house that did not have wood floors right away, and it was only because
the carpet was neutral. anyways it needs wall art and a few pillows

I dont have any pictures of the office or our bedroom
that I can find! But when I do I will update this post!!


  1. i'm wishing you tons of luck with preparing to list your home and find your new home!! you had me cracking up with the creepy bathroom. you and scott did an amazing job with all the rooms - i LOVE your kitchen!!
    i hope you find exactly what you're dreaming of!
    p.s. - i think you should have kept the sailboat! ;)
    have a wonderful day! xoxox

  2. You are like an episode of HGTV! lol love it! My must haves in a new house are almost exactly like yours. I hope you find a house that meets your needs!!

  3. The work you have done looks really good! Good luck with the listing and hunting!

  4. Wow! You did a lot of work on your house!! It turned out great!! We listed our house when we found out we were having twins. We spent a lot of time prepping it and staging it. We rented a storage unit And emptied a lot out!! It worked-2 months later it was sold:) it was a lot if work, but worth it. We also had a looooong list for the new house. I wanted it perfect bc I didn't want to move again!! Good luck to you!!

  5. Wow, what a transformation! You guys did great on renovating your house. I can tell why you wouldn't want to do it again though. We have never done renovation work but it would drive me crazy to live in a construction site.

    We moved last month to a new construction home and I LOVE it! Don't forget about new homes that might be most of the way built - that's what we bought and it worked out great. We moved in quickly and all of the finishes are upgraded and beautiful. We didn't pick them out but the builder did a great job with it. We're really happy. Plus we have a 1 year home warranty on everything which is awesome.

  6. I always love to see pictures of people's houses and the work they've done to them! Especially when they've done such an amazing job (your house is fantastic!). Does that make me weird?

    We're right there with you though. We're putting our house on the market in March too. We don't have to be in our new city until the summer, but we're hoping to give our house some time to sell so we don't end up as far-away landlords (or owners of a far-away empy house!). We have a lot we need to touch up before then. We've known this move was coming up for a long time, but it always seemed so far away.... Except that now it seems really close and there is SO much to do. It hurts my head!

    Anyways.... Good luck with your finishing touch projects! I'm sure your house will sell though. It is beautiful!