Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012!!! Hello 2013!!!

I truly can't believe it's already 2013! 

We are soooo happy to be done with 2012
while part of 2012 was the best most exciting time 
in our lives, it sadly turned to the worst. 
& the rest of 2012 was just blah. 
Failed cycle, after failed cycle, after failed cycle. 
It was just not our year! 
So hopefully 2013 will be a total polar opposite! 
even though I'm not thrilled with the number 13... 
Tomorrow is our wtf appointment with Dr. B 
and I am so nervous. I just don't know what he is going 
to suggest and the unknown of the whole thing scares me. 
I know we are in the best of hands so I will try 
to keep faith in that. 
Ending 2012 
On Saturday the 29th Scott and I 
headed over to L's house to play outside in the snow 
with Nathan! When we got there Nathan was 
all ready to go and had just headed out back 
Scott followed him out and came back in for a quick 
second to grab his gloves off the table. 
I was holding the baby while L was getting dressed 
when I heard Scott screaming and looked up to 
see him rushing through the door with a bloody faced Nathan 
in his arms! The neighbors Lab had jumped the fence 
and bit him in the face! We were out the door in 2 seconds 
and on our way to the ER! 
We waited for 6 hours before the plastic surgeon arrived
to stitch his lip back together. He was sooooo brave! 
he seriously didn't even cry! I was so proud! 
here are some pictures of his poor little face :(

SO good to see  him smiling like nothing happened!
He even said to L the next morning when he woke up
Mom I hope Tucker isn't mad at me for telling the police 
officer that he bit me, can we go see him so I can tell him sorry?
Such a strong little boy! Love him to pieces!! 

So what did everyone do for NYE?!

This is the first NYE in quite a few years that we 
actually did something! 
Last year we had a pj party with lots of food and card games 
at my parents. The year before that we had a small party at our house 
but nothing overly exciting. 
This year however....
Was SO FUN! 
We made the hour drive down south to KY 
and stayed in a hotel with some good friends 
We walked to dinner then walked to the bar. 
The whole night was filled with smiles and laughter 
I wish I would have got more pictures 
but here are a few from the evening! 
Jenn and Roth

 So How was your NYE?! 
Did you make any resolutions? 


  1. That poor little boy!! He looks so sweet. You are adorable in your NYE pics!! Glad you had a great time!

  2. Poor baby!!! He is such a brave little man. I hope he heals quickly!

  3. Happy 2013!! I hope this is the most amazing year yet for you!! Love your pics as always!!

  4. Happy New Year to you and Scott!! I hope tomorrow's appointment goes betterr than good and you get the answers/suggestions you hope for!! I will be praying and keeping you close in my thoughts!! Poor Nathan - what a brave boy - happy he's okay - his poor lip looks so painful.
    I'm glad you had an amazing NYE with friends - jumping on the bed and Joe's Crab Shack - awesome! I'm wishing you the best year yet, Alexis!!! Xoxox

  5. Poor baby, glad to see he handled it so well! 2013 will be the best year yet, no matter what the DR says, you will have your year :)

  6. Glad Nathan is okay, looks like it was quite an unexpected end to what was supposed to be a fun day in the snow. Hope your appointment goes good this week! May 2013 be the year of fun and exciting things. Love ya both!

  7. Ouchie - poor Nathan... lil guy looks like he's in so much pain!

    I went out with my BFF on NYE to watch her Dad DJ and our mom's were our dates. This officially means we're old.