Monday, January 28, 2013


What a busy weekend! 
Busy but FUN! 

Mmm Bravo! YAYA SNOW! Hi Love :) 
Work it! Recover! Eat Healthy, Every Meal! 
Basketball from the Flight Deck-Guac Salad and a Bad Juan Mmm
Scott's Hot wings, New beer-not to shabby 
Lenna's New office! Pit to Plate for some good food
family love, Love doll 

There are a million more pictures that I wanted to take 
this weekend but my stupid iPhone was
full and I couldn't take anymore pictures! :( 
We found out late last night that I had 
some corrupt files that were killing my memory space
so after 12 restores and 12 back ups 
my phone is back to normal..kinda 

I can't believe how quickly January is coming to an end! 
It will soon be February and IUI time!! 
I am so excited I could pee! 

Awesome fact: 
My Birthday Party, you remember? the Chanel party?
that my wonderful mom set up and hosted 
made it to the featured parties page on 
Catch my party!! 
you can view it here<---
and you can also visit my Mom's Blog here<---

Awesome fact 2: 
My Sister In Law has a new business! 
it's called In Balance Body Therapy 
Her new office is adorable! We had the pleasure 
of traveling down to see it yesterday and go out to dinner 
with the family! It was a great day! Congratulations again Lenna! 

Another Busy Week ahead!! 

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  1. So jealous of your snow! In Texas we don't get it often, but I love it when we do!

  2. Looks like an amazing weekend! I love all the pics you take. Also, I'm SO excited for your IUI! COMMON little guys, you can do it!

  3. Love all the pictures! I am SO excited for your IUI, too!! SOOO much baby dust heading your way =)

  4. Wow! Your mom went all out for your party! It was gorgeous, and chocolate Martinis? Yum! I know what will be my first drink out on a date night!

  5. Yay, great pics from a fun (& busy) weekend for you guys! Thanks for the new business plug. It means so much to me that you and Scott came down to support me and having dinner together was fun too! Love ya girl.

  6. The lobster bisque from Bravo is one of my favs EVER!! Looks like a fun weekend!

  7. what a wonderful, full weekend!! the food looks so good - whenever you mention those bad juan margaritas, i wish we had one closer to us. and whenever it snows, i think, alexis is happy! :)
    i'm so excited for next month for you and scott - keeping ya close in my prayers!
    how awesome your party was featured - no surprise - it was so neat!!
    have a wonderful day!

  8. Look at you being so healthy! That food looks delicious. A diet coke definitely seems like the best way to recover from a work out. Good choice! How fun that you went to a basketball game! I'm always envious of all the adventures you two go on!
    And yes- I have instagram. I'll follow you!