Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Weekend Trip & My Birthday!

Thank You for all my Birthday Wishes~ 

Last weekend, I skipped my post about our trip to Alabama
because my mind was wrapped around  my current
situation (the chemical pregnancy)
So I would like to rewind and share
a little bit about that trip with you all!
It was so fun!
My aunt and Mia picked up my mom and I
very early Saturday morning and off we went!
We stopped every couple hours to let Mia
run and refuel, It rained most of the way
and we saw a few bad accidents (No one appeared seriously injured)
We pulled in the hotel and right behind us was Jillian, Peyton
and Jillian's Friend Sarah! Little Miss Mia
was so excited to see her Momma and baby sister!
It was the cutest thing ever!
here are some pics from our trip!
up and ready at 5am!

Back seat passengers 

She is such a ham! Oh and she is smiling so she can hold the  10 dollar bill!

Queens of the car! 

Seriously...are you guys gonna take my picture the whole way?!

Baby at a bar.. NBD.. We were waiting on a table :)
Adorable Peyton  in a Little Miss Millie's Headband!

Gas under $3 and a heads up penny! woah!

Holy Mother of Salad! 
FT soon after cause we miss her so much! 

I hope this isn't all she learned from our weekend trip...
Blonde hair, jic you missed that post!

an amazing sunset !

my cake table!

I was putting together party favors 

each girl got a box of pearls! necklace and earrings 

my AHmazing cake my Momma made me! 

Thank goodness Scott came to help hang these things!

Party time!
guests chatting away!
old high school friends! So glad they made it! 

Mmmm Coco Chanel Martinis! I think I had 1 or 2 too many.. 
My parents have these new lights called HUE
you can make them any color you want from your  iPad or phone! 

Pink Lighting

Dad was the best Bartender ever! 

Another? yes please!

Love these girls! 

Me my MIL and SIL Love them!!! 

Last time we had our picture in front of that fire place...
oh my like 11 years?! Love them!
 It was an amazing party and a great time!
a few spent the night so the next morning was fun as well!
 we downed diet coke and took Tylenol to make
ourselves feel better!

Our great friends Matt and Laurel
had made the 2 hour drive from IN
So Laurel could attend my party and Matt
could visit with Scott!
Matt is the one that introduced Scott and I!
Matt and Laurel are getting Married this Fall!
Anyways we spent the day
visiting some Antique Shops!
Laurel owns a photography business
and needed a few props so we spent the day
traveling around and eating at all the local places
they don't have back home!
That night we went out for pizza and beer
then back to our house for a crazy game of Jenga!
Here are some pics from Saturday / Saturday Night


junk junk junk!

Laurel found some deer that posed pretty for her picture!
intense game of Jenga!
I was off work thanks to a great co worker and my dad!
I spent the morning lounging around (my favorite thing to do)
then we headed out to get some chipotle!
after eating we headed home for a nap! :)
(I love to sleep)
around 4 it was time to get ready for dinner
at our favorite Supper Club...Paragon!
My Oma and I share a Birthday
so Scott and I were meeting my parents
and my Oma there around 6!
It was a wonderful time!
I love spending every moment with my Oma that I can!
Here are some pictures from our dinner!

My card from my parents! I was always sparkling! 

Mmm Cheesecake!

Love seeing these bags! Pink diamond charms to add! 

Make a wish!

This was the next morning! but My Oma and I LOVE snow!!! So
I had to capture this snowy day! 

Have a Lovely Week Everyone!!!


  1. What a fun birthday!! Your mom did amazing on that cake!!!

  2. Great pictures! Looks like a great time :)

    Also, wanted to let you know I tagged you for Liebster Award.

    1. Thank You! Hey I wanted to let you know every time I comment on your blog I get an email that my mail was not delivered! So I have no clue if you are getting my comments! I hope so!! Thanks again!

  3. Great pics as always! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday:)

  4. This made me smile!! As always, you know how to live life!! So much love and celebrating packed into your days...just as it should be and as you deserve!! So happy you had a wonderful birthday surrounded by love!! Omygosh, the cake your mom made is INCREDIBLE!! She is so talented. I loved all the decorations!! You are beautiful...lovin' the new hair color! Lounging, Chipotle, dinners out, games, family and friends...just perfect!
    Thanks for sharing! Have a beautiful night, beautiful lady! Xoxox