Friday, December 28, 2012

We survived Christmas!

Not that I was too worried we wouldn't 
but we made it through!
{& I ended up hearing the bell!}
Almost everyone on my Mom's side of the family
contracted and passed around the stomach flu! 
I was so lucky to get bit by the awful bug
on Christmas night! 
I was fine all day then bam like a mac truck 
it hit me! I had to run to the bathroom to get sick!
I'm not gonna lie my very first thought was 
"could I be pregnant?" 
then I realized I was in the middle of "ovulation"
week and that wouldn't be possible, plus 
the fact that 5 of my cousins and my aunt and uncle 
didn't make it to Christmas Eve because of the flu. 
So anyways now poor Scott has it and I am better! 

Saturday before Christmas 
we spent with Scott's family
 out at his parents house! 
we had so much fun!
Had great food and good laughs 
and got lots of fun presents! 
I think Scott's favorite gift was
 the remote control helicopter! 
Mine would have to be the expressions bracelet!
We loved the wine exchange
we do with his sister and her husband as well.
Nothing better than a good bottle of wine!


After Christmas with the Warricks we met
up with my cousin her husband and our friend
Jen at our favorite tap room! 
We sang and laughed and had a great time!
the entertainment we had while there
was the best I've had in a while!
the lady in the red shirt that danced to
EVERY song the man with the guitar played.
She was having fun!
and we were having fun watching!  
after leaving Chappys we headed to our
house for a silly game of poker!
Jillian was wining almost the entire time!
But we all ended up to tired to finish
so we declared her the winner! 

The next morning was Sunday
I headed into work for a little while then ran home to
get ready to go see the Nutcracker with my
Cousins, Aunts, Grandma and Mom!
when us cousins were little my Opa would always
take us to downtown Cincinnati to see the
Nutcracker Ballet it was our Christmas tradition
until he passed away. Then we never went again.
This year my sweet Aunt decided we needed to
bring the tradition back and all us girls
would take Oma to the Ballet like old times!
It was so beautiful!
and we had pretty awesome seats up high in the balcony!

Monday was Christmas Eve!

Christmas eve was fun! 
I love our family traditions :)
Scott had to work so I headed over to pick up my mom
and we waited on Scott to drive out to my Oma's house
to meet up with the family that wasn't out sick :(
 We had great food! and our gift exchange was awesome!
every year on Christmas Eve we do a boys toast and a girls toast
my Opa started this Christmas tradition years ago
and we kept it alive long after he passed
although now, we salute in his honor :)
Oma got us all matching aprons
along with recipe books with her hand written recipes!
 and adorable cookie cutters

Auriel and Brian! I hope they get married soon we all love him!
Josh and Mia
Erin, Brian, Auriel and Oma
Oma Jillian and Mia
Scott with the biggest present! Josh in the back ground :)
My beautiful cousin Lauren
seriously only pic I got of my outfit! which by the way FIT!

 SO after Oma's house Mom, Scott and I
traveled all the way back north and then some
to meet my dad at the Bowling Center
where we have our family Christams party
on my dad's side. Our family is HUGE
so the Bowling Center is a nice
big space to have it! another tradition
that has been going on since before I was born!
Santa comes each year and passes out
presents to the little kids! Some of the family
will bowl, some will just eat drink and be merry :)
Scott bowls, I drink :)

Waffles waiting on Santa!

Christmas eve night after all the family gatherings, Scott and I stayed 
at my parents house, we've done it every year 
since we started dating. We always said 
when we had kids we would stay at our own home
and travel over to "grandma and grandpa's" Christmas morning! 
but that hasn't happened yet so for now we stay with the rents. 
It was so fun! It keeps me feeling young to run down the stairs 
and see all the presents under the tree! 
Waffles (she kinda blends in) was so excited
to see that Santa came that she ran straight
down stairs and sat under the tree
on top of all the presents until we
pulled hers out!
 opening her yellow gumby toy!

The before and after of Christmas morning!

 In her Christmas dress waiting on company

 Awesome gifts :)

Adorable babies!

and puppies
and babies
and babies!

 and later that night.....


a Christmas wish that came true!
although I was sick and couldnt leave my Momma's couch
It was a beautiful site out the window!

Sooooo that was our Longggg Christmas break!
Today was my first day back to work
and I have to say it felt good to
do my hair and put on make up!

How was your Christmas?!
Did you get everything you had wished for?!



  1. Yay! Wear you jammies inside out so we don't have School tomorrow! Oh wait a
    I can't wait! They said 4 more inches!!! I just wish that you guys were still here.
    It was a beautiful Christmas!
    P.S. Good luck with staying at your own home at Christmas when the Babies come lol

  2. so glad you heard the bells and GOT LOTS OF SNOW!!! :)
    i am very sorry to hear you got sick!!! glad you're feeling better and refreshed after your christmas break!! and yay for wearing your outfit - i'm sure it looked amazing on you!!
    merry christmas and a happy weekend before the new year!! i hope you have another wonderful few days ahead, pretty lady! xoxox

  3. Oh goodness...your family looks incredible. It looks like you had SO much fun!!!! Sorry about the flu!

  4. Sounds like you had such a fun Christmas!!! Sorry you got sick :( I'm super jealous of your snow too!

  5. What a beautiful Christmas! Wish it would snow here:( I'm jealous!

  6. Awww, I loved this post! I can tell you definitely heard the bell =) You and your family are so cute--I can just feel the love pouring through! I'm so glad you had fun (sickness aside, of course). F and I both got sick on Christmas too, and now the twins have it. Boo. It's crazy how widespread this is! Glad it didn't get you down though =) XOXO~~