Friday, December 21, 2012

Do you hear the Bell?

Every Christmas season 
a few weeks before the actual day 
"I hear the bell." 
I am ready to pull out all of my decor and begin 
hanging lights and singing Christmas carols. 
But for some reason not this year. 
I pulled my tree out of the attic after 
Thanksgiving! Which never happens 
I am a get the tree up Nov 1st kinda girl. 
I hung a few lights and wrapped my bushes out front
but it wasn't the same. 
There are no ornaments on my tree but one
A special one from my parents that we received 
for our 5 year anniversary. But nothing else. 
I am just not excited to do it this year. 
Every year that goes by I think, next year 
next year we will have a baby to celebrate with! 
and here we are 3 Christmas's later and still no child of our own. 
I hate thinking of the holidays that way, but it's just the harsh truth. 
So for this year I will try hard to "hear the bell" when I am 
with my family and keep faith that next Christmas 
we will have a child of our own to celebrate with. 
What about you? Do you hear the bell?

I found a quote on pinterest last night that I am in love with: 


author unknown-


  1. ((hugs)) Christmas is such a tough time of the year. I don't really feel like I'm in the spirit much either. I should be celebrating my almost-1-year-old's first Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for many blessings but it still doesn't feel quite the same. I hope we both hear the bell soon!

  2. That quote is Proverbs 31:25 :) Merry Christmas and happy iclw

  3. Big hugs, Alexis!! I hope you hear the bell very soon, my friend!! You've been in my thoughts and never leave my prayers. I hope and pray next Christmas is exactly what you dream of!! Sending love and wishing you, Scott, Waffles and your wonderful family a Merry Christmas!! Xoxox

  4. Just keep believing and have faith. You are meant to be a mommy. The timing is just not right. Keep taking this time for yourself. And I am hoping next Christmas, you'll look back on this post and kissing and hugging your baby.

  5. This breaks my heart.
    I know that you will hear the bell again.
    Don't worry about not decorating at your house, come to mine and pick a room to sit by a Christmas tree! For the times that you can't hear it I'll ring it more loudly!
    I love you,

  6. (hugs) I, too, thought Christmas was going to be difficult this baby for us either. I literally woke up one morning mid-November and my spirits were lifted. I've found so much joy in random acts of kindness, shopping for kids in the family (even the ex's children!!!) and realizing this is going to be another special romantic Christmas morning with my dear, dear husband.
    I hope that bell will ring for you again soon...and you find the spirit in your heart. Though we are strangers, I think of you often :)

  7. Oh sweet Alexis... I wish I could give you a big hug! I totally understand what you're saying in this post and sadly, its totally normal to feel like this ESPECIALLY through the holidays. I'm praying for you and hoping that the new year brings you all the happiness you deserve!