Thursday, December 13, 2012

Truth: About Diets

So about the dieting truth...
Truth: I am the worlds worst diet addict
Truth: I make up crazy ridiculous goals for myself
Truth: I do very well until the week of my period. 
Truth: I really want to be as healthy as I can be.
Truth: I watch my diet most of the time 
Truth: Dieting Sucks!
Truth: I hate the word "Diet" I prefer the term "Life Style Change." 

I have done so many "life style changes" 
I cant even begin to tell you where I started. 
This current "life style change" I am going through 
is that I would like to will lose 14 pounds by Christmas Day. 
and so far I have dropped 2
why not 15 you ask? simply because I hate odd numbers 
I hate the number 1,3,5,7,9.. you get the point.. 
but here's the thing...
I am on the eat grilled chicken salads and vegetables only kick. 
which is great for the first ah 3 days or so. 
then the rest of the time just sucks 
majorly sucks, why? because it's boring! 
Now I know the real way I need to do it
I need to eat 5 small meals a day 
so many proteins so many vegetables so many fruits
exercise exercise exercise! yatta yatta yatta I got it! I know!  
But I need to lose these pounds in days people! Days! 
This is how my crazy self works I wait until the last 
minute then jump to the extreme! 
remember my post about running and how 
I said my friend L said I am so all or nothing?
Yep that's me! 
Still running by the way!
So here is what inspired me to drop the 12 pounds in 12 days.. 
Me in 09..
I Kid! I Kid! this is just my face in a hole picture from 09
(remember that craze? was it a craze? I donno? but I loved putting my 
face on other peoples bodies) ← weird right?

The real reason is this freaking adorable outfit! 
this WILL be my Christmas outfit! 

I HAVE the perfect pants almost the exact pants for this outfit! 
only problem is they currently don't fit.. 
all these hormone drugs don't exactly make you lose weight.. 
but I am on a break from those! 
I Am Now In Kick Ass Mode! 
12 pounds 12 days..I got this! 
Bring on the water and broccoli! 

Please don't lecture me about how bad it is practically starve yourself
to fit into a pair of pants that you so badly want to fit in 
because I know. Its bad. But I'm doing it anyway! :)

I will update from now till Christmas on the pound shedding 
since I don't have any ttc news to talk about! 
I mean, If I'm not telling you guys about my cervical mucus 
I minds-well tell you about my fat loss right? 

Tell me about you!
 Do you do crazy diets to lose 
a few pounds quick? or do you do it the real way?

:) Have a Fabulous end of the week lovelies! 

Janet over at Just A Little Off Kilter inspired me to write this post today! 
You can find her latest post here


  1. You make me smile!! :) You are one determined girl - do what makes you happy - you deserve it!! That outfit is fabulous and will look amazing on you! Sending love and always sending prayers! Xoxox

  2. Ha! Great photo! I don't know if that would be a good or bad thing for me to see myself with a different body. Love the outfit. It's totally my style. If you do rock it, please take pics for the blog. :)

    Good luck!!

    Really, broccoli and water is quite healthy, so don't let others tell you otherwise. ;)

  3. I love you so much! You have your Dad's sence of determination and my sence of it's all or nothing! lol
    Breathe deep,run like the wind, enjoy the break and focus on the Holidays!

  4. You can do it! I lost about 30 pounds in 5 months. Kept track of my calories with my fitness pal and ran everyday! NOW, I never run and i eat like a man lol so I will have to join ya

  5. That outfit's beautiful, I'll be cheering you on pound by day!

  6. Love, love, love the outfit! You can do it Alexis...I'm here cheering you on! Thanks for the shout out...although my Funny Face Friday picture is of me with a Pizza Hut box on my head...I am trying to stay on track!

  7. I don't find it weird at all, I love putting my face on other people too. :) Love the outfit!