Monday, December 17, 2012

No Title

Today I have no title for my post.
While I debated all weekend whether or not 
I wanted to post something about the shootings 
I decided against it. I feel that a moment of silence 
and prayers for all those effected is the only thing
I can do. It saddens & sickens me to much 
to write anything more about it. Just know I have said 
my prayers and have given my moment of silence. 
and may god be with them all. 


This weekend was busy
Friday night we had a family friend in from 
up north, she stayed with Scott and I. 
We met my parents for dinner and drinks 
at our favorite cantina! Elsa's! 
We laughed and laughed and caught up 
on everything, a good time was had by all. 
when we returned home she begged Scott and I 
to teach her how to play poker! So a silly game 
of poker broke out and we were up until wee hours 
in the morning trying to finish the game! 
Here are a few memories from the night 
I know we all look like zombies I tried to remove the red eye
but it just wasn't working! 
The famous Bad Juan! You must come to Ohio and try one! 
Pizza and wings! Too bad they didn't fit in to my current life style change 
Just a crazy game of poker :)
Sleepy Scott and cuddle dog Waffles 
 we lounged around for most of the day
that evening we attended the UD basketball game.. 
my FAVORITE event to attend EVER!
Flyers are in the white :) 
YAY! We are winning!! 
during time outs they throw goodies into the crowd
Scott got a cool basketball back pack filled with coupons 
Yay free food! 
Best ribs in town! (not better than Dad's) 
Scott's dinner! Ribs & Steak Fries.. 
 we both had to work for a little bit in the morning
6 days a week of work is normal for us 
not fun but normal..
That evening we had my Grandpa's 79th birthday dinner 
at our favorite Supper club in town! 
They seriously have the BEST steak ever! 
but I got crab cakes last night because they were on special! 
Here are some memories from the evening

Sleepy head fell asleep as soon as we got home :) 

{Monday's Christmas Challenge Weigh in...down 1 whole pound! 9.6 to go!}

Off to another long work week! 
Christmas is right around the corner!!
Have a lovely week! 


  1. You are always having so much fun!! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!! The pizza and wings look amazing...and the crabcakes sound perfect! You are your mom look adorable as always!! I hope your week is off to a great start! Crazy Christmas Eve is a week away!
    Lots of love xoxox

  2. Looks like it was a fun weekend! Congrats on your weight loss! (hey, a pound is a pound and during the holidays that is HARD!)

  3. Just stopping by to say I'm thinking of you.
    Glad you're having such a blast!
    Hope your holidays were wonderful!