Wednesday, December 19, 2012


When Scott and I first moved in together 
we decided we had to have a dog! 
We had been to the pet store several times 
and although cute, non of the pups stole our heart.
Until Scott found a rescue home that 
wasn't too far from our house
We called and the lady was so sweet she said 
we have this adorable blonde puppy! 6 weeks old!
She was there because her previous owner had bought 
her for his daughter who was wheel chair bound 
and the puppy was much to hyper. 
When we arrived at the house, yes it was a house
I was a little concerned, it was pretty creepy 
and did not look like a animal rescue center
But once we laid eyes on that dirty blonde adorable pup 
she was ours. We paid cash and were out the door 
in a mere 10 minutes. We didn't name her for 5 days 
Every name we tried out just didn't fit, when my cousin 
who lived with us at the time came in the living room 
and asked us if we would like some waffles?
the puppy ran sideways to her feet and began wagging her tail! 
So Waffles it was! 
I will admit it was a little odd at first when we would let her 
outside in the mornings and then yell "Waffles!" 
I'm sure our neighbors at the time thought we were nuts!
She has the personality of a human 
I often look at here and say who's in there?! 
I would love to have a dog whisper 
 tell us what she is thinking! 
Anyways here are some pictures of our adorable 
little Waffle dog through out the years

The day we brought her home! 



  1. Waffles is precious - omygosh, the pink jacket on her is adorable!! And I love her name!! Pets are amazing...couldn't live without them! Hope you're doing well, pretty lady! Xoxox

  2. Aww Waffels is so adorable! Love the name too! Makes me want to go eat waffels now (the food, not your dog, so don't worry!). My dog is my best friend. Always there for me no matter what!

  3. She is precious! I love my rescued furbabies. They are the best!

  4. She is adorable - her and my Asti would be great friends:)

  5. That's gotta be the cutest name I've ever heard for a dog. I chuckled just thinking of you calling her in the morning and what the neighbors probably thought.

  6. Oh my -- she is gorgeous and looks like she has a lot of personality. I don't suppose she is spoiled much is she?

  7. She is sooo cute! I can't believe you have held out this long without showing us all these pictures. Why she is just like a baby! No wonder you are so strong, you get your waffle baby fix. :) Pets are the best!! I love the photo of her smiling. I imagine she smells like maple syrup. :D


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