Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wake me up next Tuesday...

So before my Chicago post I  have to get this post out of my head. 
I am 8dpo a week late in my cycle because I stair stepped with clomid
to jump start my ovaries into action, which worked. But confuses the crap out of me. 
The time for my period has come and gone,
 but it's due to my ovulation being a week off 
To look at the pms app and see that your 3 days past your red box 
can make you crazy!!
this stair stepping process also turned my 2ww into a full blown 3ww 
and to say I am dying to pee on something is an understatement. 
Some serious will power has kept me steering my truck away 
from the pharmacy on a daily basis. Although today I have to go pick up a card
from the drug store, you know the one that sells the things. 
The things crazy infertile
woman will kill to pee on!
But I just cant! I never tested out my trigger 
and I triggered twice! Thursday will mark a week from my 
last trigger and I will be 10dpo, which in a perfect fertile's world would 
be a great time to test. But not for me, I just can't. I feel like I am talking 
myself down off the edge daily. I'm just so nervous that it didn't work. 
but I am keeping the most positive thoughts I can, I lay in bed and picture
peeing on that stick and those two pink lines appearing instantly
I imagine the nurse calling after my beta and saying 
congratulations your pregnant! 
I try to imagine a perfect ultrasound and in that 
imagination I always see two babies. 
Oh dear lord. Only 7 more days until my beta test. 
I decided I will test at home early that morning
while Scott is still home, that way I am not calling him 
in the middle of the day crying, being it good or bad. 
s e v e n more days that's it! I can do this! 

Okay off to upload a billion pictures from our 
fantastic trip to Chicago! 


  1. Hang in there!! Thinking of you Alexis ((HUGS))

  2. Seven more days! I Have everything crossed for you!

  3. Not much longer, you can do it! I think it's funny you always picture two babies because I do the same! I was told by 4 psychics now that I will be having twins so I've convinced myself of it lol! FX for you!

  4. ahhh, you have such strength and patience - i love it!! i was just thinking about you and wondering how many days left!! so excited for you! you can do it. :)