Monday, December 3, 2012

5 Years ago today (well Saturday)

5 years ago today (Saturday) I married the love of my life. 

I woke that morning in a hotel suit with my closest friends and family. We had breakfast delivered and the champaign was popped. It was my wedding day! & I was the most relaxed I had ever been. It's true what they say, about the calmness that rushes over you. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this man and I knew the day was going to go off with out a hitch. My hair dresser arrived to do our hair all 10 of my bridesmaids, my mother, my future mother in law, and my 3 flower girls oh and of course me. I went last! The whole day was spent with laughter and excitement! When the limo arrived to take us to the church the nerves spiked but a few calming words from my mom had me ready to do what I had waited a whole year to do, walk down the isle and say I do to the love of my life!

My Mom added these crystals to my shoes by hand!
Mom made all of the bouquets!
Mom added this to the bottom of my shoes "I Do" & "12-01-07"

Mom added this special snowflake to my garter :)

It took an army to put on my 500lb dress
My beautiful bouquet made by.. you guessed it my amazingly talented mother!

My adorable flower girls!  Mom made thier head pieces wings and harps of gold
My inlaws and my handsome groom!

My gift to him, pretty much the coolest watch ever! The top says forever my love and our wedding date the bottom is our engagement picture!
Pew bows made by the one and only Mom :)
My flower girls wore wreaths of roses, wings of feathers and carried harps of gold


What's going on you ask? well.. my 20 foot veil was lined in swarovski crystals which just happened to get stuck in the track of the floor pulling my head backwards and almost pulling me to the ground! 

lol..this is my favorite...this is Jillian my MOH tying up my dress before the limo ride to the reception!

this kid was staying at the hotel when I walked in he started playing cannon D my wedding song!

Menu covers and cards made by mom!

we had to cover up the ugly ceiling :)

each table held tiny pictures of past weddings of mine and scott's grandparents and parents

our ice sculpture! bad news was the guy didnt cover the base! he left it sitting in that ugly plastic tub the whole time!

Centerpieces made of sparkly silver tree branches with snowflakes and mini flash lights in the bottom to light them up!

before it was filled with 350+ guests!

each table held big and small diamonds (which everyone took at the end! :-/

our rings :) I think I've taken better pictures.. this is the crappy photographers shot. 

So the real reason I was crying...the band leader had just announced me to 350 people as Mrs. Alex Warrick

My parents giving the welcoming speech, the 17 piece orchestra behind them is the same one that played in their wedding 29 years ago!

Our bridal party!

Our cake! It was supposed to be 3 tiers higher but the said it was "leaning" so they removed the 3 layers..

this cake held 60lbs of gum paste roses flown in from japan!

at the last second I whispered to scott I changed my mind I'm going to smash it in your face! lol.there was quite a crowed and I wanted to make sure and give them a good show!

our first dance was to A whole new world the song from Aladdin

We took dance lessons a month before the wedding! Dad and I stole the show with our big band dance to "The Way You Look Tonight" which by the way is the longest song in the world!

the flower girls loved my veil!

 It was the best night of my life and I would marry him 1000 times over

below is the article my mom wrote up for the local news paper 

The enchanted wedding of Alexis  and Scott took place on December 1, 2007. 

On that magical evening they exchanged their Wedding vowels at

 Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dayton, Ohio.

As Alexis was escorted down the aisle by her Father, Joseph, she wore a glimmering Allure Couture gown. The fairytale gown was embellished with hundreds of hand applied beads and rhinestones, the bottom was French hand tucked and fell into a chapel train. On the inside of her gown were sewn pieces of her Mother, Michele , Scott's Mother, Carole and her Grandmothers Elizabeth and Phyllis's wedding gowns.  Her hair was crowned with an elegant tiara which held a cathedral length veil which was hand trimmed with hundreds of rhinestones. Alexis carried a magnificent bouquet of cream old fashioned roses, assorted miniature roses and calla lilies. It twinkled under the lights from the assorted swarovski crystals that adorned it. One of the most precious things that she carried was a rosary that her late beloved Grandfather, Richard B. had given to her Grandmother Elizabeth 
as a wedding gift in 1955.
The Cincinnati Brass Quintet accompanied by Tom Aldridge played the Angelic music that echoed through the Stained glass adorned church.
Alexis chose 10 of her most precious family and friends to serve as her attendants. Jillian, cousin of the bride, was Maid of Honor. Erin, Auriel and Lauren also cousins of the bride served as bridesmaids. Along with Lenna, the grooms sister, Colleen, Janell, Lucy, Theresa and Amanda all life time friends. The girls wore Black Velvet strapless gowns, long gloves and pearl and crystal jewelry. Each carried bouquets of over two dozen red velvet roses also scattered
 with swarovski crystals in the center of each rose.
Hannah, Alexis' cousin served as bridal attendant. She was dressed in a formal black cocktail gown and was adorned with red and cream roses on her wrist.
The flower girls that led Alexis' way down the aisle were Kailyn, cousin of the bride, Miss Sarah and Miss Jocelynn. They were enchanting in their cream gowns with pouf tulle skirting. They wore hand made marabou feather angel wings, halos of cream roses and carried floral decorated harps of gold.
Scott also chose ten of the people that meant the most in his life to stand with him. Matthew served as Best Man. Chad, Justin, Jeff, Justin, Alan, Chris, Matthew, Brandon and Matthew cousin of the Groom. They were handsomely attired in Black tie tuxes with tails.
Zachary James, Cousin of Alexis served at ring bearer. He carried their rings to the Alter on a pillow made out of  the brides Mothers dress.
Ross, brother of the groom, Joel and Kiel  served as ushers.
Matthew and Alex  passed out the programs.
After the beautiful ceremony Guests were welcomed to a cocktail party that was decorated with Christmas trees and a 4 foot tall ice sculpture vase. A trio provided the divine background music.
The doors were than opened to the Ball room for a Black tie reception for over 300 guests. The tables were decorated with up lit silver glitter branches and wreaths of red and cream roses. Ornaments of diamonds decorated the place settings along with red velvet menu covers that held engraved printed menus accented with rhinestones. Each table held a rhinestone frame that held pictures of Alexis and Scott's relatives past weddings.
The room was illuminated with white twinkle lights and Christmas trees in every corner.
After the sit down dinner the guests were served pieces of the five foot tall wedding cake that was decorated with over sixty pounds of hand made sugar roses.  Home made cookies made by Alexis' Aunts, Marguerite, Helen and Judy also her Grandmother Elizabeth were made from the recipes handed down from the brides Great Grandmother.
The guests danced the rest of the evening away to the sounds of a 17 piece orchestra before saying goodbye to the most beautiful and divine evening of Alexis and Scott's life!

 Thanks for talking a walk down memory lane with me! 
Have a lovely week! 
Chicago post is coming soon!! 


  1. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL in these pictures. The decor of the reception hall looks amazing too! Well done!

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    I LOVE THE PICTURE OF YOUR VEIL GETTING CAUGHT all I remember is hearing 350 people gasp and looking at Matt the Best Man who looked at me and mouthed DON'T TURN AROUND! Haaaa thank God you didn't fall backwards!
    Everything was like a dream and you two have what it takes to make forever.

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