Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Hacking Nutcracker

Over the weekend us grand daughters and Aunts 
took my Oma to see the Nutcracker! 
It's a Christmas time tradition. 
Every year when we were little 
my Opa would take us grand kids to the 
Nutcracker Ballet in Cincinnati. 
It was one of the best parts of Christmas time. 
Everything was so magical. 
This year I noticed 
that when you get older things get less magical. 
until you have a child, and can then see 
the magic through their eyes. 
I really can't wait for that!

So I figured I needed to write out a few 
statements on common curtsy when 
attending a Ballet

1. If you are sick... Please stay home. 
Sell your ticket on ebay, gift it to a friend, hell give it to 
the lady working the drive thru line at McDonald's for all I 
care just please don't come to an arena filled with 
3000 plus people and spread your germs!!!

2. If you are sick with a hacking cough
 and you do decide to 
drag yourself into public,
pack a bag of cough drops for petes sake!

3. If you are 30 minutes into the show 
and you realize that you can't go 5 minutes 
with out hacking all over the person in front of you
kindly excuse yourself to the lobby. 

4. Why do we have to clap every time 
Mr. Ballerina lifts Mrs. Ballerina in the air. 
She clearly weights maybe 90lbs 
and he clearly has the muscle of an ox. 
You are ruining the end of the music with 
your loud clapping. Just wait until the end 
of the song! 

5.  To the person who always has to have 
the last clap. 
You're annoying. 

Over all it was a beautiful performance.
I sanitized my hands about 235097 times. 
and made sure to chug some orange juice 
as soon as I got home. 

Next year I'm wearing a mask. 


  1. Bahahaha! This post gave me a good laugh. I have to say u are right on pointing those things out.

  2. Great post...I wish those that choose to attend such events would take your advice! I've always loved the Nutcracker! Let's hope you don't get sick!