Monday, December 8, 2014

Camping & My First Time Shooting

A few weeks ago 
we traveled about an hour and a half
away from home with some friends
to their 72 acres of peace and quite. 
We hadn't been camping in forever 
and I was itching to learn how 
to shoot a verity of guns. 

It was so much fun! 
On Saturday the guys went hunting 
and at that point it was bow season 
so we waited until Sunday to shoot 
I was super nervous but did pretty good!
I shot 2 pistols, a 22, a shot gun, and a 45.
I think the first pistol was my favorite! :) 
I brought an old bowling pin 
from my 6th birthday to shoot at 
It makes for a pretty cool trophy now
 I can't wait for spring and more camping trips!
There were 3 couples total and I felt like I 
was camping at the Ritz! 
We stayed with A & K and their tent was spotless
She even made a corner of the front porch
 a girls only bathroom with a bucket 
toilet seat, biodegradable pee bags 
Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer and an led light
and if you weren't a hand sanitizer person
there was a hand washing station of the back of 
the truck. The food was crazy. 
There was everything you could think of!
enough to keep you full for days! 
It was an awesome time and I can't wait to go back!

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  1. I haven't been camping in forever. Sounds and looks like u had a great time.