Monday, December 8, 2014

1 Dog, 3 Cats, a Ninja, a Pirate, a Pilot and a Gangster

 I know the title sounded like the start 
of a bad joke but  nothing else came to mind, 
This is whats still in my phone.. 
Halloween and 3252456 cat pictures. 
There are about 12 videos 
but I am afraid my house would be 
burned to the ground if I shared those.. 
So you'll have to use your imagination. 
Stating the obvs... 
I  was a Ninja. 
Michelle was a Pirate.
Mike was a Pilot. 
& Scott was a Gangster. 
We went out to Jenn's dads  for 
his annual Halloween bash. 
Some of us drank too much. 
Others not enough...
Hell what's Halloween
 with out a hangover?! 

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