Monday, December 8, 2014

2ww and why I haven't been blogging

I feel like I am on repeat 
every time I post that we are 
again in the 2ww. 
In a way I kind of feel more 
and more like a fool 
every time I label a post 2ww..
Like it's really going to happen this time...
I did another unmonitored 
cycle of clomid 150mg. 
my first since May when it actually worked. 
I've had 2 doctors now do 
a slue of testing and one say to me 
I think your miscarriages might 
just be bad luck. 
So that's where we are. 
Hoping our bad luck streak is over. 
I'll be back in two weeks with an 
update of where we are. 

Why I haven't been blogging. 
I've been asking myself this 
question a lot in the last couple weeks.
I miss it. I really do. 
But I am lost. 
I got too wrapped up in the whole 
what do my readers want, side of it all. 
when really the truth is 
I started blogging for me. 
for my husband. 
for my family to keep them 
in the loop of where we were at 
in our journey to start a family.
I would get on to write a post 
and think no one will care to read 
that, what if they think what I am 
saying is offensive, what if they judge me?!
I probably wont even get any 
That's where it all goes wrong. 
When you start to worry about 
the stuff that in the long run doesn't really matter. 
I'm sad that these past 6 months I haven't 
written much. 
I feel like so much has happened 
and I didn't document it. 
So I am going to make 
an effort to get back here
to my tiny corner of the Internet 
to write about what I want to write 
about. About my life. about our life. 
and about our journey. 


  1. Hoping this 2ww goes by quickly and with a BFP at the end :)

  2. Welcome back. Im sure we all fall off the blogger world when we get to questioning why we are doing it. Glad you decided to keep writing.