Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Facebook Vs. Instagram

It's been 3 whole weeks since I said 
sayonara to the ole FB.. 
I remember when I joined back in like 08
My dad had joined and had 
convinced me to give it a shot. 
Back in the day I had a Myspace. 
But that fell off for me the year I went 
to AI for college. I just wasn't into it anymore. 
Facebook was a whole new world 
pictures and posts and birthday reminders. 
It was a fun social outlet 
to help keep up with friends 
and family that you didn't see often enough. 
But as social media began to grow 
so did the drama and the controversy
over everything. . . 
people began using Facebook as a 
clothing line for their dirty laundry. 
It's like nothing was private anymore
Modesty in people had dissipated. 
the ugly world was spreading 
its hate all over one website.   
There are a few reasons I decided 
to leave FB. 
One being the controversy.
certain topics get me fired up. 
and to me voicing my view wont 
do anything but fuel peoples fire. 
It's strange to me how 
a human can find themselves so safe 
behind the keys of a computer. 
A false account created
to protect their identity
but also to let them say hurtful 
and judgmental things to people 
they may or may not have ever met. 
People are mean. 
and social platforms like FB
are the ones that keep them going. 
I mean its all about the money right?
and to get the money you need drama. 
The second reason I left was 
the slue of pregnancy posts I was 
seeing. Not necessarily just announcements 
but people who rely fully on government aid 
talking about adding to their family that they 
already struggle to take care of. 
In my opinion just to receive a little more money. 
It's sickening. 
It infuriates me. 
& I was tired of 
leaving that site everyday with so much hate 
in my bones. So much anxity over 
stupid shit that I have no control over. 
Then I started thinking about how much 
of my day was spent scrolling, 
If I was a lunch I'd scroll, bored? scroll. 
trying to fall asleep scroll. 
It was just stupid to me how much 
time was wasted on something 
that never made me happy. 
So I did it. 
I deleted Facebook. 
and I am happier than I've ever been. 
I find myself reading more current events. 
and paying attention more, you know to the real world. 
shit that is going on right here right now. 
Now Instagram is a different story.
I am a picture person. 
I have always been. 
In my spare time I love to do photography.
Intsta is the perfect spot for photo lovers. 
It's a place I can share my passions. 
it's limited on words and drama 
and I can follow who I want 
and not be forced to see what Sally's brothers sisters 
nephews aunts cousin Sam posted 3 days ago about 
the fight they had with Fred. 
I hated that shit. 
worst part of Facebook 
besides the lack of privacy was 
seeing shit you just didn't want to see. 
So Instagram is where I am 
it's where I'll stay. 
If you'd like to follow along 
you can find me here :)
I am private so if you send me a request 
and I don't accept it send me an email
and I will get you added :) 


  1. facebook for me either :)

  2. Amen sister!! I deleted fb months ago and am so glad I did! :)

  3. And u pretty much summed up the reasons why I don't have FB. I tell myself once I have the courage to get on IG I'll do it.

  4. I totally need to cut back on my FB. Scroll...bored...scroll...That's me. So glad to read your blogs again! :)

  5. I agree with you. These days I hardly ever go on FB! But I love IG.