Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Donuts? or Doughnuts?

What is it with those rings of sugary goodness?!
as of late I am addicted to Pink donuts...
Not a good addiction my friends. 
Not good at all. 
Is it doughnut or donuts?! 
I feel like I've struggled with this 
all my life (all my English teacher out there 
help a sister out!) 
I'm just going to go with donuts 
because if you separate the letters it 
really says Do Nuts.. 
so lets Do Nuts
It's really quite bizarre actually
I have been a salt person 
since I was a toddler. 
Put a snickers or a hard pretzel 
with mustard in front of me 
I'm going for the pretzel. 
But I'm thinking now if you 
put a pink donut and a pretzel with mustard
in front of me I would probably 
tackle you for the pink doughnut and 
then hold you at fork point demanding 
the location of the box of remaining donuts..
I wonder if they put coke in them?
or some kind of addictive additive?
Dinner of champions 

So a few nights ago I am taking a picture 
with Scott's phone and I see the 
most amazing picture ever 
of a box of donuts..
Voodoo donuts to be exact!
never in my life have I heard of 
these sinful little suckers 
until that moment.. 
and now its all I hear, read and see! 
Voodoo donuts are taking over america
one doughnut junkie at a time!
Yes please 
I really wish blogger had emojies..
anyways back to the voodoo goodness
I've yet to try them but I am 
assuming they will be worth the wait!! 

Until next time!
Doughnut cheers! 

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