Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wait..I'm in the 2ww?!

Holy Guacamole! 
I am officially in the 2ww again.. 
the hall way of fertility! 
Our 2nd IUI went wonderfully! 
I went in with one nice size follicle and 
Scott's sample was excellent! 
The Dr. was hilarious this time!
He walked in with the sample 
and the paper work, I read off the information out loud 
as the nurse verified it...but when I got to the last 4 of 
Scott's ss number she made a funny face..
the Dr. said Oh Crap! then laughed as he showed 
her that the last number was in fact an 8 not a 5...
(we are hoping)(J/K LOL) 
Then Dr. G lightened the mood even more
saying things like, we need a Barry Manilow room
everyone gets pregnant when Barry Manilow is playing on the radio!
The song on the radio wasn't quite Barry.. 
but it was Usher and I am pretty sure plenty of people 
get pregnant while listening to him as well! 
I made a comment during the procedure about how bright it 
was in the room! The Dr.s replied.. 
well you don't want this to end up in the wrong place do you?
 Touche Dr. G Touche
After the procedure was complete Scott 
yelled out "You have been inseminated!"
in his best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.. 
everyone belly laughed while I laid 
on the bed trying to keep everything in place! 
When the Dr. left the room he turned off the light 
and said here ya go how about a little mood lighting?!
Scott continued to crack me up with his 
voodoo that he was doing over my lower stomach..

 after about 10 minutes we realized they forgot to set 
the timer..so Scott turned it on for 10 more.. 
I begged for my pants as I lay on the bed 
laughing historically at Scott's Jokes 
I wonder what the nurses were thinking outside the door
 After the timer went off we headed out 
we stopped by the office his mom works at 
and chatted for a while. I got to ride in the front 
seat this time but with my seat all the way reclined 
and my feet propped up..Scott and his silly rules. 
Once we got home I made us lunch and got comfy on the couch
I watched episode after episode of Lost 
I swear I am going to watch some of your suggestions 
just as soon as Lost looses me...which I have a feeling 
will be very soon! 
Scott brought me what I needed through out the day 
and I took a very long nap! 
It was the most relaxing day ever! 
I did have more cramping this time than last but 
I am hoping that is a good sign :) 
So today is 1dpiui and only 15 more days till BETA! 
Fingers Crossed

So who are all my cycle buddies right now?! 


  1. Cycle Buddy here! We had IUI#2 today. Two days ago I had a 25mm follie on the left and a 12 on the right, with a lining of 12.7. Lets hope my eggie takes advantage of the wonderful job the rest of my body did this month. Beta on the 16th. Fingers crossed for both of us!!!

  2. Only cycle day 8 for me so I won't be your cycle buddy but I will be here cheering you on!!! Sending lots of love, hugs and stickiness your way!! xo

  3. I'm not a cycle buddy, but I'm rooting for you as well!! Sticky vibes your way!

  4. I'm not a cycle buddy either, but I'm rooting for you! Good luck getting through your 2ww!

  5. We didn't have an IUI but are on CD13 so I'm some what close :) Best of luck to you!!

  6. So many thoughts going your way!!!!!

  7. It's crazy how fast, and slow, days go when you're in a cycle! Prayers for you!!!

  8. Not exactly a cycle buddy, but almost! I'm 11dpo, so if we both end up pregnant, our babies will be sooooo close in age :) Wishing you so much luck!

  9. Glad (and in awe!) the day was so relaxing and that you're feeling hopeful for this cycle. I have everything crossed for you! Your 'hallway of infertility' cracked me up, that is such an apt analogy!

  10. Sending tons of sticky vibes for IUI#2 - Keeping FX!!!!

  11. ahh, i loved this post, alexis!! i can feel the excitement and peace in your words! what an AWESOME dr...i was laughing at everything he was saying...too funny! you and scott have such an amazing sense of humor. you are a GREAT team! hoping and praying for you and sending tons of love!! xoxox

  12. Yay, fingers crossed for lots of luck and love with this round! Maybe the newly polished blue/coral toe nails will help from our pedi's last week :) Love you!

  13. So hope this is your cycle and the time flies by til your BFP!