Sunday, April 7, 2013

I'll see you later

When I was young I always remember 
my great grandpa saying 
"I'll see you later" 
he never said "Good Bye" 
because "good bye" to him was the end. 
"I'll see you later insured that it wasn't the end.
and that he would in fact "See you later". 

The weekend of St. Patricks day 
Jenn, Scott and myself traveled 
down to Gatlinburg TN to meet 
with my Aunt L, Uncle R, Cousin Kiel, his daughter N,
 Jillian, Josh and the girls. 
It was the official trip to hand over of the girls 
before Jillian's deployment.
Josh works full time and goes to school full time 
and with Jillian gone it would mean the girls 
would be in daycare all day and with a sitter 
during the evening. They decided it would be 
best for the girls to be up north with family. 
Josh will be up often to spend time with them, 
and we will be making quite a few trips down 
with the girls to the sunshine state!
The weekend was spent laughing, telling stories, 
shopping, and playing with 3 adorable little girls!
Before we knew it, it was time to leave. 
I found my self standing there watching 
My family pack up their trucks 
choking back tears. 
I stood in line and waited to hug 
Jillian one last time for the next 6 months. 
and when it was my turn I squeezed her tight 
for as long as I could and when it was time, I didn't 
say "good bye" I said I will "see you later" 
because I will. 
I know time will creep by while she is gone. 
But I also know her two beautiful babies are here
with us, filling our hearts with joy 
and bringing smiles to our faces.
Plus we are hoping
 we will get to see her often through FaceTime. 

Here are a few memories from our trip! 
Hiking on Day 2 before the others arrived :)

Yittle Bitty Jenn
Scott was a little excited to finally get to the Condo
my love helping me down the hill

just Jenn doing some yoga on this massive rock!

what started as an act...ended with him getting really wet!

uphill with lots in the way
Finally!! Sunshine!
random waterfall
Miss Mia being as silly as could be!
Peyton full of smiles! I love those little teeth :)

Mia Marie being a ham for the camera!

Mia and N "Girl Talk"

Smiley P!

She is growing up to fast! and she LOVES the camera :)

P on a mission to get the bubble bottle!
Oh you know... Just Jenn being Jenn :D
Scrap book Jenn and I made for Jillian to take with her!
sun. shadows. love.

 I talked to Jillian yesterday as she waited in Baltimore
to board her plane to Kuwait..
I sobbed after I hung up the phone.

I am counting down the hours until I receive the
"I'm here!" email.

I  ♥ you Jillian Leigh! I can't for you to return home!!


  1. What a brave woman! I am praying for her safe return. Please tell her that all of the Es appreciate her service and sacrifice. Hugs to you, too. I know it must be so difficult, but you're right--you'll see her later, no good byes! XOXOXO

  2. This post made me touching. Your love for her shines through. What an amazing woman. Peyton and Mia are gorgeous. I'm glad you got to visit and spend time together! Thinking of you always, Alexis. Xoxox

  3. Best of luck to her! I know it can't be easy for her to leave her babies behind or for you to watch her go. HUGS!