Monday, April 1, 2013

IUI #1

We had our first IUI procedure done this morning
and everything went great! 
Scott's sample was excellent! 
The doctor must have said that a hundred times! 
Backing up to our follicle scan Friday, 
We met with Dr. G who is in practice with Dr. B 
He was VERY nice! and I was so impressed with him.
He was having trouble finding my left ovary (as always) 
but told me he was going to push down on my stomach
to try and move it! No one has ever done this and guess what...
it worked!! 
Lefty popped right out! with a nice 16mm Follicle 
the Right held a nice big juicy 20mm! 
my lining looked great at an 8.5
Dr. G thought it would be best to let these plump 
up just a little more before triggering. So Saturday night 
while at my parents house I took my injection. 

Sunday was Easter 
everything was fabulous and fun! 
I will have an Easter post up soon! 
BUT I will give you a small preview...
The Easter Bunny came to our party!!!

Monday (today) 
We woke up early and headed to the hospital so Scott 
could do his part, my appointment wasn't until 10:30 
so we went and grabbed some breakfast :)
then to Trader Joes to see if we needed 
to pick up anything while we killed time. 
At 10:01 we were pulling back into the hospital 
we were just too excited to keep waiting. 
We only waited about 10 minutes before they took us back,
Dr. G entered with our favorite nurse and had me 
verify a few things then it was time to begin! 
It was over before I knew it! 
painless and quick! 
we were given a timer and told to come out when 
it went off so we could set up lab work. 
The entire 7 minutes of waiting 
Scott sang to me...the Soft Kitty song 
from Saturday night live. We always sing it to Waffles 
when she is barking out of control and it seems
to calm her, I guess Scott thought it would have 
the same effect on me :) 
The plan now is to take one more injection 
this Thursday then have my progesterone labs drawn Monday. 
My beta will be Wednesday April 17th! 
I took the day off work today to relax and enjoy the moment.

Ready to go!!!

Scott & I waiting! My favorite socks :) Me on the table ready for action
and...that would be me laying down in the back of the truck on the way home ;)

Scott insisted I ride this way home from the

I will be back soon with an Easter update!!
& I haven't forgotten about our trip to TN post, it's coming!

Have a wonderfully week ladies :) 



  1. The 17th will be here before you know it! Praying a little spermy is meeting an eggie RIGHT now! : )

  2. I'm so excited for you!!! Come on spermiesss! I hope these next couple weeks fly by!

  3. I wish you all the luck in the world with your first IUI! :) Praying for you! :)

  4. So exciting! I had my 1st IUI this morning as well! Here's hoping that this is the month for both of us! Now.... we wait. (after a little more BDing :) )

  5. Yay for IUI#1!! I hope the days fly by until your POSITIVE beta :) xoxoxo

  6. I've been thinking about you today. Hoping for very exciting news on the 17th!

  7. So very excited for you! I have just *everything* crossed this is it...

    Also, I love Big Bang Theory and think it's sweet Scott sang you that song :)

  8. I laughed so hard at your feet in the window on the ride home. I wonder what people behind you thought?! I'm glad everything went well!!! Now the wait... I hope lots of amazing things are waiting on the other side!!

  9. I love that you rode all the way home with your feet out the window! So fun! Good luck with your IUI, I will be praying for you!

  10. Hope this is the cycle for you!!

  11. So excited for you! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  12. So glad it went good, exciting! Love how you rode home!

  13. Love these pictures documenting the day! Good luck - love you both!

  14. I hope this is your cycle! I love that he made you ride home with your feet propped up. :)

  15. So glad you had a wonderful procedure. It is always so great to hear the dr say it couldn't have gone better! Yay! So happy for you. I love that Scott made you keep your legs and feet up afterwards :) too cute!

    April 17th will be here soon! :)