Friday, April 12, 2013

Finally Friday!

This whole week I was confused as to what day it was! 
Yesterday I missed a meeting thinking it was Wednesday! 
When I sent an email to the woman I was meeting 
verifying that we were on for tomorrow she said 
lol it was today! AHH! How does this happen?
I'm going to blame it on the weather!
Speaking of weather it's freezing here today
we spent most of the week in the 80's and 
now it's 46...
Welcome to Ohio!
Home of the orange barrels and constant colds!

There is nothing really exciting to talk about today 
other than the fact that I shut off my cable 
and got Apple TV! 
I am pretty much currently obsessed with Netflix! 
although I am still to cheep to pay $7.99 a month 
so I "borrow" my friend Lucy's account for now :) 
I told her I would give her 2 dollars a month.  
$2 and not $4 because her dad uses her account too
so really it should be split 3 ways correct?
She informed me yesterday that she doesn't want my $2 dollars
she will just use me for babysitting when she needs...
fair trade? 
I think not! 
Anyways some shows that I am currently hooked on!
Breaking Bad...Omg. we watched the last episode on NF last night! 
Parenthood..pretty good just started this one
Revenge...LOVE but it makes me super jealous that I'm not a loaded 
Hampton living spoiled brat with adorable clothes!
Lost...I just started this one as well I think I am on episode 5? 
but I am loving it so far! 
I should also mention that I do mass amounts of laundry during all 
this TV watching! 
It is kind of funny that I thought getting rid of cable would make 
me more active.. I think it had the complete opposite affect! 
So my question to you ladies is 


  1. I used to watch Breaking Bad and Parenthood. On Parenthood I got tired of the constant discussions on EVERYTHING!! LOL.. Breaking Bad just got weird.

    Getting close to beta?

  2. I LOVE Revenge! So good. Lost is great up until seasons 4/5. Honestly, I was a HUGE lost fan... that last season really "lost" me (pun intended)

  3. I hear you on the weather! I LOVED the Cleveland thunderstorm yesterday though.... so nice for a change! But now I'm ready for 65 and sunny!

  4. I thought I was the only human being ever on the planet who had not seen Lost!! I go through phases with TV, since we don't own one and it's all netflix here...I kind of love/hate Girls at the moment. Also, I'm excited to watch the new Netflix remake of House of Cards

  5. I"m loving Scandal on ABC and we have apple TV also, use it mostly for renting movies and some shows. Love the music channels and then sync them up with iPhoto as screen saver for TV. Nice to jam out to tunes and see fun pics scroll across the screen while getting things done around the house!

  6. Definitely keep up with Lost, I loved it! Arrested Development is great, too. I just started Supernatural, not sure about it, yet.

  7. So sweet you can use your friends account. We have Netflix but I'm a dumbo and am not sure what shows are available on there. Steve knows it all. Walking Dead is one of our favorites! Steve loves Sparticus (or however you spell it lol).
    Sending love and wishing you a relaxing weekend!! Xoxox

  8. Craigslist Joe is a good documentary/movie. I also love watching the re-runs of The Wonder Years. I hear house of cards is good but I haven't watched it. Oh - and weeds. It's a good show. Gets a little silly in a couple of seasons toward the end but, I'm a fan.

  9. Hey - just thinking of you today... when's the beta draw again??