Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Half Way Mark of the 2ww!

Only 8  7 more days till my Beta! 
I say 7 because technically today is almost over for me :) 
Plus 7 is better than 8! 
I went back and forth with myself for far 
to long as to whether I wanted to "test out" my trigger. 
This is a huge double edged sword for me. 
On the plus side, I would know when it's a real BFP. 
On the down side, I hate seeing that line disappear.  
I feel calm today. 
I have been trying very hard not to notice 
things as "signs" or "symptoms:" 
like the flutters and spontaneous cramps 
or the constant dryness of my throat 
with urges to drink gallons of water. 
Is that even a symptom? 
I really don't know. 
I have also tried to stay away from google. 
It's silly really, to google things like this. 
because in reality the things that I would 
google would lead me to the answers that I want. 
not the answers that I would rather not hear. 
pointless I tell ya. just pointless. 
My Doctors office told me last week 
that they have started suggesting taking a hpt before 
going in for your blood test. That way if it is negative 
you can avoid the blood suckers. 
When the nurse told me this I laughed to myself 
thinking, you guys really must not understand 
ttc crazed women... 
It a perfect world that would sound great, 
to pee on a stick see a second line and then go in for blood work. 
in a ttc crazed woman's world it would consist of 
peeing on 10 to 12 hpts, ripping them open 
holding them to the light, even using a magnified glass 
to try and find any hint of pink in that second line. 
Then go back and forth with herself as to whether she 
should go in for the blood work, or take the stark white test in 
her hand as a negative and go about her day. 
(not that I have ever done any of the above) 
Today spring is in the air. 
the feeling of warmth and things coming to life. 
It makes me giddy inside to think of
The cookouts and bonfires, sitting out on the back porch 
watching the dog explore the yard. Laughing with friends and family. 
hearing the crickets sing the night away and the birds 
with their early morning chatter. 
I am ready for it! 
I can't help but picture myself pregnant 
in every one of these visions. 
My best friend from child hood is getting married 
this July in Cali and I am honored to be 
a bridesmaid. If everything works out like it should 
I will be 18 weeks pregnant then. 
I also was just presented with information 
about a trip in June for work. 
I will be traveling west to Las Vegas 
for a huge bowling convention. 
and again if everything works out like it should 
I will be 13 weeks along. 
Every day we are one step closer. 
I can't help but think 
about how amazing it is that our lives 
could possibly change in one short week. 
& to the ladies that are cycling along side of me right now, 
I think about you too, how I so badly want good news for you as well. 
I want to end today's post with a very special 
congratulations to Maria and Steve 
their beautiful daughter Piper Grace was 
born last week She is an absolutely doll baby!
If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Maria 
You're missing out! head over and check her out! 
I'll be back later this week with 
an update on how the wrap up of the 2ww is going 
have a fabulous week ladies! 


  1. So glad it's half over! Hoping the next week flies by!

  2. I really think this time is it. If you are envisioning yourself pregnant, you probably are. Looking forward to your results!

  3. I can feel the calmness in your words. :) I'm so glad the weather is warming up and spring is in the air. I will be counting down with you! It's wonderful you have Vegas and your friend's wedding coming up! I will be praying that you are rockin' a sweet baby bump for the those trips. Keep on smiling, gf! Thank you SO much for the sweet wishes and congratulations!! You've been an amazing friend these past years, Alexis! I'm so grateful to know you and be inspired by you!! Lots and lots of love xoxo

  4. Keeping everything crossed for you lady!!

  5. Serious FX for you- will be thinking of you the next week!

  6. I hope this next week flies by for you and ends with two beautiful lines!