Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cylce 9 and Complaining

First off...
for all your amazing comments yesterday! 
You girls sure know how to make someone feel better! :)

Today is CD2 I went in for my baseline today 
instead of my beta...blah
I saw a new Dr in the practice yet again. 
When I first came to Dr. B's I was 
under the impression it was him and one other guy. 
so far I have seen both of them and now a new girl. 
well new to me anyway. 
She was very nice. I have no complaints about her! 
The scan looked great and I have no cysts 
so we are set to move forward with a repeat cycle. 
All good news! 
Some of my complaints that have been piling up. 
first off. 
The lady at the front desk needs a new job. 
I'm thinking a Walmart greeter would suit her best. 
She is awful! not only is she totally clueless half of the time 
but she is rude and forgetful! 
She rubbed me the wrong way on my very first appointment (over a year ago)
we were arguing  having a conversation on 
why she listed me as infertile when I can get pregnant 
but just cant stay pregnant that to me should be labeled 
as a recurrent misscarrier not infertile.... 
anyway she was going to win no matter what and 
wasn't giving up. 
money sucking witch... 
so then at the end of the convo she said something along the lines of 
"Ya and since your trying to speed this process up" 
referring to trying to get pregnant. 
Who the hell says that at a RE office?! WHO?!
This woman is an idiot! 
So last time Scott and I are in I sign my name 
then sit down not even 5 seconds later she opens the window 
looks right at me and starts shouting JAMIE! JAMIE! 
I look at Scott who looks at her and says you mean Alexis?!
Her face turns red as she said "Oh ya oops Alexis!"
Oh ya oops B(@%!?!?! 
I have been coming to this office for a whole damn year 
and you don't know my name?!! 
The tanning salon girls that see me maybe MAYBE once 
a month know my name! All of them! 
So then today! 
There are like 14 people in the waiting room 
I sign in and sit down, 
I wait. and wait and wait. 
finally she opens the window and says 
in my head I am calling her every name under the sun 
knowing that she is referring to me but yet again can't get my name right!  
I let her go on about 4 more times before I stand up and shout
Shit you not this woman looks down at the sheet 
says Alex again then says Oh ya ALEXIS.
Ugh I wanted to punch her in the face! 
I am a little irritated today if you cant tell :) 
But I mean come on the witch is in town 
and no one feels like being all 
"oh its okay" when shes around! 
{I'm stomping my feet right now}
So there is more.. 
Remember when I wrote the post about 
how they are now recommending you take a HPT 
before going to get labs that way if you don't need 
to you don't have to?
Well today they start freaking out because I don't have 
any lab records....
Um ya because I had them drawn at the hospital 
and because I am full flow lady I don't need labs done! 
Plus ALL of my good veins are busted up right now 

So the nurse is like well can you call the ER right now 
and have them fax over your labs?!
ha. ha. ha. 
Ya sure! Why not?! I have nothing better to do today
then prove to you that I'm not pregnant!
I call get everything worked out 
hang up the phone and the nurse 
says, well if they don't get here in a timely 
fashion I am going to have to call you and send 
you over to the lab! 
Great! Sounds fun! Thanks Lady! 

To TOP off my morning at the BMV.. 
oh wait I was at the Dr! they both suck so much I got them confused! 
I go to make my payment and there is a big number 
written in red and circled with the words 
Balance Owed written next to it! 
At this point I am fuming! 
I pay in FULL every visit... 
what the hell is this? 
well apparently that lovely ultrasound 
that I had in March to figure out where AF 
was so that I could get a script of provera 
cost $370 dollars! They billed it to insurance 
who only covered a portion of it.. 
leaving the rest for me :) 
are they not just the sweetest!?
Freaking day I'll tell ya! 
what a freaking day!
On the upside my stomach flu
made me drop 7lbs and shrank the hell out of my stomach! 
my appetite is small and my jeans are loose! 

Until next time.... 


  1. OMG I don't even think she should be a wal mart greeter... maybe a garbage lady? Or someone, if you live in a state with a can deposit - she could be a can redeemer.

  2. OOOF, she just seems peachy! (and I always think of that line from Devil Wears Prada - "I'm just one stomach virus away from my ideal size!" - not a fun way to lose, but YAY for loose jeans!)

  3. Hang in there girlfriend, Sounds like a drive through "crack" vanilla coke is in order! Love to you both :)

  4. I have no time for those rude desk ladies. I have left doctors because their front desk lady is horrible. It's the first representation of the doctor that every patient sees, you think they would care how they act! And that arm - GIRL! That just looks painful! I think you should do something really nice for you that can make you smile & take your mind off all the minutia for a minute. XOXO

  5. I think I would have reported her when she said you were taking fertility meds "to speed things up" that is just soooo bad! She has no idea of the hell you have been through.
    Okay, now I'll say the Mom things that I'm suppose to say... Kill her with kindness, be the bigger person, You'll catch more bees with honey than you will with vinegar! Lol- can you think of any more Momma isms?!
    Stay Strong my girl.
    Love you,

  6. Ugh -- what a crummy experience. Where do these places get some of these people and why do they keep them? The name thing would drive me CRAZY! The receptionist at my clinic never answers the phone -- it always goes to voicemail so then you have to wait for a callback and ends up being voicemail tag. And to make YOU call for your lab results...

    Thinking of you and sending you all the best as you begin your second iui cycle...

  7. I'm so sorry. She sounds like a horrible person who quite honestly needs to check her attitude. There are lots of people looking for jobs these days, and I can think of a TON of kind, friendly, hardworking people who would gladly fill her shoes. Sheesh. The fact that she can't even get your name right is ridiculous! And what she said to WOW. Again, I'm so sorry. Huge hugs!!

  8. Doesn't it just feel good to vent!?

    That lady really shouldn't be working in a fertility office!!!

  9. I think I would have smacked the snot out of the receptionist long before now. I'm sorry it was such a crappy day.

  10. sorry about your "difficult person" you have to deal with!
    its hard enough dealing with infertility... but to add a person like that into the mix... wow!
    She needs a new job