Sunday, July 1, 2012

So. Much. Fun.

My goodness! 
We have been so busy these past two weeks I am so behind! 

I will start with last weekend
My two cousins and I got together with our husbands at the water-park
It is the first time ever that we have all been in the same spot together at the same time!
J and her husband live in Florida while L and her husband live in New Orleans 
They all happened to be visiting during the same week! We had so much fun!
Here is the proof :)

So much fun! 

Tuesday The girls and our moms went to visit grandma! 

What a wonderful day we had! 

Thursday a few of us met at the Country Club 
My mom wrote a post on that day! you can view it HERE 

Friday Scott and I were set to go work for a few hours at the Air Force Base 
for the event they were having, Scott designed and printed the shirts for the event!
Sadly though on our way we got caught in the awful windstorm that swept through
we were in the car when it hit, but very close to a friends parents house where 
we stopped and hid out till the crazy storm passed. The event 
was then canceled so we decided to grab a bite to eat and head home 
for movie night! We rented 21 Jum.p St.reet  it was pretty funny!

Saturday I worked for a couple hours then we did some 
yard work in the 100 degree weather! After that we stopped over 
at our friends for a dip in the pool to cool off! 

Today (Sunday)
Scott and I slept in till 10! 
Then up and out we were! 
Our first stop was the Rock Cory for some rock hunting fun! 
we took waffles with us on our adventure! 
After 25 minutes in the cory we were heat exhausted and decided to head 
up to Yell.ow were we grabbed a pizza, some fertility gemstones 
& some ice cream! 
then headed to the Park to eat! After that we ran out to his parents to pick 
up the treadmill and then off to my parents for dinner! My dad made his famous 
chicken wings and ribs while my mom dished up some fabulous sides and 
one amazing Key Lime Pie!

 Such great memories made this past week/end! 
Ready for another week! 


  1. Ahhhh! What an awesome weekend! That is so fun that you were all able to be together for once. That water park looks like so much fun. from the guys doing back flips into the pool, to the walking tacos and frozen drinks.
    The pictures of the girls and grandma are precious! You're so good at capturing things.
    Thats pretty cool that you and scott went rock hunting, I've never heard of that. Sounds like a lot of fun. Waffles is so cute in his/her? Harness vest haha awe!
    I'm glad, and totally jealous that you're having so much fun! Summer will be over before we know it, so enjoy every minute:)

    1. Thanks! Waffles is a her :) She acts more like a boy dog though lol! my mom has a dog named FiFi and she is the fancy girl so when we get them together waffles is like the tomboy dog lmao...Scott and I were both Rock Hunters before we met! Our collection is huge..We hope to build a custom fire place in our new home (when we decide to move) It's about time for you to be having that baby! How are you holding up in the heat?!? I would never leave the A/C!

  2. You know how to have fun, Alexis!! Your photos are so pretty and full of love! I was cracking up at the water park shots and all the guy's awesome flips and dives! Looks like such a good time!
    Between all the food and ice cream photos and an empty stomach right now, I want to run downstairs and have a food fest! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with your cousins and loved ones! I hope this week is just as beautiful!! I've been thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers!
    Have a sweet one!

    1. Thank you! I am going to be bored this week that's for sure! lol! I didn't include in the post the story about the guys and their flipping! My cousin L's husband was jumping in at the same time that some poor guy was bobbing in the water drowning! The life guard jumped in and saved him and he was perfectly fine (in fact we saw him inline for one of the slides 20 minutes later) but it was crazy!~ I read your post! I am on my way over to comment :)))

  3. Whew I need to catch my breath after your whirlwind of the past 2 weeks which look like so much fun! The ice cream looks delicious!

  4. Wow! Looks like you had a fabulous past few weeks! Can I say that I am totally jealous?! I honestly feel like the best thing to do in this TTC period is to have as much fun as possible and to try to not think about things as much as possible. Easier said than done sometimes, but it seems like you have it down! Hope your fun carries into the 4th of July week!!

  5. What a fun looking weekend!! Kudos to you for getting out in the crazy heat :)

    1. Ugh the Heat!! It has been nuts but we survived lol!

  6. Everything you spoke of much fun! Glad you are enjoying the summer so much! You've given me some inspiration to do some fun stuff this week too! ( and I love the food pics you sneaked in)

  7. Now I want ice cream!! And I love all of swimsuits...they are so fabulous and all the ladies look amazing!

    1. Thank You :) I haven't had ice cream in a while (I'm not a big sweets person) but it was so good!

  8. so glad you are having a fab time!