Wednesday, July 25, 2012


The number of tubes of blood I had drawn yesterday..
This is the lovely lady who had the pleasure of 
draining all the blood in my body drawing my blood!
thank god she was a good nurse and called my RE
to see if should could double up some tubes 
or else I would have had 24 tubes drawn! 
Here we go! 

& I didn't even pass out!! 
Oh and I forgot to mention I had been fasting for 14 hours at this point 
for no reason...O well better safe then sorry! 

Lets hope all this leads us to some answers! 

3dpo.. officially in the 2ww on a natural cycle! 

If you missed my last post My Mom and I OPENED OUR BOUTIQUE!!
Stop by and check it out :) 


  1. Wow!! Your RE may be a vampire... I hope all the blood leads to some answers!

  2. What are the tests for?? To see why you have been miscarrying? Oh the things we do to be Mommies... we really would go to the end of the earth and back yaknow? I remember when I did my testing, and I got a simple letter in the mail saying I'm "normal" they found nothing wrong. I was so mad!! But I realized, it was still an answer.
    I am so excited for your 2ww, and I will be checking back every day, and saying as many prayers as I possibly can!!

    1. Yes, he is doing a large amount of tests on clotting issues, as it runs in my family. He is also doing chromosomal testing and lord knows what else! lol..I would be upset with a letter! I would at least like a phone call! Thanks for all the prayers!! Hows life as a mama going?!

  3. Ouch :( Hope you get good results xoxo

  4. deserve a huge ice cream sundae after all that blood! And what a sweet lady to let you take her photo. She looks like a sweetheart!
    When Steve and I had to get our bloodtest for the donor legal stuff, we each had about 15 vials taken. We were cracking up. And I admit, I was thinkin' *hahaha, how's it feel for a change, Steve* ;)
    Yay for already being in the 2ww. I think of you all the time and pray big prayers. And I will continue.
    Have a sweet day, gf!

    1. Hahah! I had a HUGE turkey burger! well half haha but it was soooo good! that is so funny about Steve! when I called and told Scott his first words were OH NO is that how many I have to have taken?? LOL Thanks for the prayers ♥ Happy Thursday!~