Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mid July Already?!

This beautiful sky has to be a good sign :)
Another lovely weekend we had!
 Friday night we went and played 
Miniature golf with some friends
 I carried baby Logan on my chest, putted one handed 
and still beat the boys!~
Too bad no one got a picture of my skills! :( maybe next time! 
Here are Scott and Nathan 

Saturday Morning Mom and I hit the track at my old high School 
Then ate wedge salads! Look at the lettuce I am growing! I learned on Pinterest! 

And Saturday Night I met up with my Mother-in-Law 
and Sister-in Law for her birthday celebration 
We attended a cooking class at One Bistro! 
this business is truly amazing, they grow all there herbs out back
there moto is all neighbors eat 
All the servers are volunteers and the prices are only suggestions 
you pay what you can, to get a fresh meal. 
Its absolutely amazing to see the passion these people have 
for their business, I am very happy I was introduced to this new place. 
Here are a few pictures of the fabulous time we had!

It was so neat, It was like watching food live with a great 
group of girls and a few bottles of wine :) 

We ended the night at the wine bar across the street! 


On ttc news 
we are going the old fashioned route until we start 
the routine in October. 
So I have been charting and tracking
Friday and Saturday I was getting little twinges in my left ovary so
today I took an opk which has a line, meaning I am on my way 
to my surge. I will be tracking it all week, from my predictions 
it looks like Thursday or Friday will be the day
We will see :) why not try right? 
here is my OPK 
(opks for me when not in my surge week will show a blank white spot 
no line at all, when I am in my surge week the line will be faint and 
then continue to darken, I am guessing with the shade of this 
line we have about 4 to 6 days before I get a positive Opk)


  1. I love all of the pictures! I wish there was one of you and maxwell Logan !
    That cooking class looked awesome, your MIL is soooo great.
    Yay opk! we're just moseying down the back roads until october LOL
    Love you,

    1. LOL! I love that! strolling along smelling the roses! lol
      Love you Momma!

  2. that sky is so so beautiful and add in the rainbow...and it's extra beautiful!! i have been seeing signs too. idk though, i'm feeling icky signs at the moment. time will tell.
    omygosh, the wine, the cooking class, the mini golfing pics, the track with your sweet are living life, gf! i love it!!
    steve and i went mini golfing with friends tonight. it was fun and took my mind off things.
    yayay! for the twinges :) i pray for you so much and am so excited. nothin' wrong with the old fashioned way. :)
    p.s.- i LOVE your dress and belt - so pretty!!
    have a wonderful week <3

    1. Thank you! I have been thinking about you! Scott and I said a prayer last night before bed for you and Steve! Hope your week is filled with Joy! Much Love!

  3. I am glad you are having so much fun as a twosome! I really need to follow your lead and do the same. I am hoping that your old-fashioned TTC methods work out. That lovely sky is definitely a good sign! ;-)

  4. That restaurant sounds great. How are you growing lettuce like that? Where can I find the pin?

    1. Hi Lauren! here is the link to the pin

      I am growing it in a cup of water, it grows really really fast! I just dump the water and refill it daily!

  5. What a great weekend!! And that picture of the sky is BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Sounds like a gorgeous w/end and loooove your photos :) Thinking of you as you surge... FXd for you and have fun this week :)) xoxo