Thursday, July 12, 2012


So Did I tell you guys...

We are doing The Color Run!!! 
 Along with my Husband, Mom, Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law, brother-in-law
My Aunts, my cousin, and a few friends too!! 
To say that I cant wait is an understatement! 
I was up late one night Pinning stuff,
cause that's apparently my nightly routine now. 
and I came across this picture..which led me to the site..
which led me to create a team!
We are officially doing the Happiest 5k on the Planet! 
Our team name you ask?
50 Shades of Pink 
The race is Saturday October 6th 

I have exactly 2 Months 3 Weeks and 3 days to get my butt in shape! 
My wonderful In-laws donated me their treadmill and I am loving it! 
My little loves keeping me company while I "train" (I Love them so much)
Okay let me clear this up real quick!
I am NOT "Racing" like to see who wins track my time yatta yatta
Or at least not yet.
For now I have decided that I will be speed walking with my team
but I still want to get in better shape and this is GREAT motivation!
as well as this outfit that I am determined to wear
 Bahahah I am only kidding!!
But I would like to find a cute pair of white yoga pants to wear
since we will be blasted with color!

Oh ya I am also lifting weights on my lunch break :)
Look at these guns! lmao..

Moving on..
Scott and I gave Miss Waffle dog a much needed hair cut last night!
It wasn't easy, but it saved us a whopping $35!

I love when my Iphone dings and this is what I see
Cant wait to kiss her cheeks again!
Miss Mia! ♥

And this little Chubba bubba!
Sorry Logan I know you will hate me one day for this pic but its SO CUTE!
So Smiley these days!
Growing like a weed! Mr Nathan is now in Sunshine Camp!
Leading the way at 3 years old! I am one proud Auntie!

Baby Feet
are my

& look
at this face!
I think he was
a little sick of the
phone in his face

Too Cute..

Oh and just in case I don't say it enough...
I have the Most Amazing Husband ever :)

Good Night Kisses ♥

I can't believe we will be Married 5 Years this December!!!
Time flies when your having fun!! :)
I am working on a wedding post too! I can't wait to share how
truly amazing our wedding was with you all!
& I think we may renew our vows this year :D
Anyways enough rambling!
Have a Lovely Weekend!


  1. JEALOUS!!!! I have wanted to do the color run! I NEED TO!!! Can't wait to see fun pics of this event!! UM CUTE Baby pics too :)

  2. Well done for entering... sounds like fun :) Gorgeous photos :)) Thinking of you xoxo

  3. the color run looks like SO MUCH FUN!! wow...that is going to be amazing! i'm excited for you! i LOL at your outfit first! wooo weeee - that's hot! ;)
    all the sweet babes and adorable baby feet photos made me smile. and the one of scott and pup - too cute!
    i hope your weekend is wonderful and fun and relaxing and much cooler than last weekend!<3
    thinking of you!!