Monday, July 23, 2012

Little Miss Millie's Boutique


Little Miss Millie's is owned by me and my mother
the name is special to us. 
Scott's grandmother's name was Mildred everyone called her Millie
I never had the pleasure of meeting her though I wish I would have 
When we were pregnant for the third time, around 11 weeks 
we started tossing around name ideas, we have our boy name picked 
but we could never decide on a girls name... 
till one day we were laying on the couch making up names 
and all the sudden I said it and at that moment we both knew 
this would be the name of our future baby girl 
Pronounced (Mill-e-on-ah) we are not 100% on the spelling yet :)
 We would call her Millie
My mom and I have always wanted to start a business
with her being so amazingly talented and me the brains behind the business
we knew we just had to do it! We thew a lot of names around 
Little Miss Millie's won
So one day when we have our baby Millianna 
she will have a store named after her! 
We hope that you will enjoy the products as much as we enjoy making them! 


  1. I just squealed when I read this, clicked the link, and saw all the BEAUTIFUL accessories I have been dreaming about for Chloe!!! I am so excited that you are open :) I love the story behind the name, too...I can't wait for you to tell your future daughter that she has a store named after her :) xoxo hope you are well!!

  2. Thank you!! I am so glad you like it! We were so excited to finally get it open! We plan to add new stuff often :) So good to hear from you!

  3. *whoop whoop* for your last you can see I'm catching up on blogs! And for this post- LOVE IT! Everything is adorable but those twinkle toes *swoon* And Millie is such an adorable name with a fabulous meaning, soo special!

  4. What a wonderful idea... and loooove the name :)) xoxo

  5. Adorable items!!! Love the name of the store as well:)

  6. Ohhhmyyygooodness, Alexis! I am so happy for you and your mom! I just went over to the site and literally repeated "Ahh!" And "ohhhmyygoodness!" about 10 times! :) you two are going to do great things with your business. I LOVE the name - love love love it. I promise I would never steal it off ya, as we have our name if we have a girl. But, omygosh, one of my names last year was Milaina/Milly. You and I think alike. :) and I love the meaning behind your name - it is beautiful.
    Umm, do you make those headbands for big heads like mine?! Hahaha I would totally wear them! I am favoriting this site!
    Congratulations to you both!

  7. :D Thank you! How cool is that about the name!!! I LOVE IT!! We would totally be BFF's IRL! haha YES the headbands fit us! and you! We are working on getting a few girls over tonight to do some modeling so we can show that they fit babies and big girls :) Thank you so much for the congrats! and dont forget we add new stuff all the time! So check back often :D
    Alexis ♥

  8. Love it and of course, love the name. Grandma Millie was a special lady - one of kind - and so special to all of us. She called herself "MGM" for Mom, Grandma, Millie - and I know that MGM is smiling down on you both today with lots of love. Having a future "Millie" in the family will be so wonderful!

    1. Aw Lenna this made me tear up! I love MGM how cute is that! Love you bunches! ♥