Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fun to be Had

No time to sit at home attached to the heating pad
when there is Fun to be Had! 
First of all..this is last weekend...But I LOVE these girls! 

We had!
  Onto this weekend..

AF showed her lovely face on July 4th..
July 5th I couldn't move, I stayed on the couch ALL day 
July 6th was not much better.. I figured when I woke up in the 
morning on the 7th it would have eased up but it seemed as though
 it got worse. The cramping is out of control holy. moly.
Today is is day 5! I am a 3 days and your done kinda girl..
Needless to say we didnt get to do much this weekend but rent movies 
lay around and eat new food creations from pin.terest :)
But today our friends talked us into going kayaking!
& we had a great time! I love the experience of Kayaking! 
a couple years ago we were on a kayaking kick, we went almost every weekend!
It was nice to get back on the water. The launch always makes me nervous 
but the guys are great at getting the ladies in first so it's not so bad. 
I love the rapids and the random trees to maneuver around 
I love the peacefulness and the hot sun beaming down, its just so relaxing 
Today I realized I also love the frazzled canoe couples yelling 
at each other and complaining about how much they currently hate life
They have not yet figured out that a kayak is the only way to travel down river! 
Canoe's while fun, take way WAY to much coordination..from both people.
and are much much harder to steer through rapids and around debris. 
So today I made sure to let every annoyed canoe'er know that next time 
the Kayak is the way to go :)

A Beautiful Day
Ready. Set. Launch.
Safety First
Catching up to the girls
Leaving the boys in my dust :)

Stop 1

Splashing around

Look at my muscles

My little rock hunter :)

Skippin Rocks On the River

Testing the rope swing...and the verdict is... Janky!

Scott and his
Ah fresh vitamin D!

this little guy hung out with me though the whole first stop!

Justin looking very "outdoorsie"

& I will leave you with a picture of my very first pair of 
Socks from my very first Fertility Sock Exchange! 

I know! Adorable right?! I CAN NOT WAIT to wear them!!!

Have a wonderful week! 


  1. Sorry that I'm so far behind on your news :( Looks like fun :)) FXd for you cycle... and thinking of you xoxo

  2. wow - looks like you had an amazing day!

    1. It was an amazing day! I am glad I took my phone so I could capture the memories!

  3. I want to give af a piece of my mind. I'm sorry your period was so terrible and painful!! I'm glad the worst of it is over!
    I LOVE your kayak pictures! It looks like so much fun! Our friends and I were just talking about trying kayaking. And how sweet that that butterfly hung out with you (it's good luck :)
    And those socks are too cute! I have a long pair with hearts from my friend and neighbor...I have been wearing them around the house for good luck. Hahaha!
    You will rock them, Alexis!
    Hope you're doing well! Xoxoxox

  4. Me too! I am so glad she is gone! That was a loooonnng 6 days! lol my poor Scott was probably so annoyed! lol! You should go kayaking asap!! It's just so peaceful and relaxing! I think the butterfly is good luck too! I always associate butterflies with my grandfather who passed away almost 8 years ago, every time I see one I say Hi Grandpa! lol! AND OMG I can not wait to put my socks on and climb up in those stirrups haha! :) Hope your having a great week!!