Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We are off to see a RE...

The Difference Between The Impossible And The Possible
Lies In The Impact of A Persons Determination. 

Yesterday I had my follow up appointment with Dr. H. 
Can I just say again how nice he is?! 
Scott had to work, so my mom came with me to the apt. 
Since my surgery I have not been able to prepare myself 
for the next step, for the questions that needed to be asked. 
My amazing mother did it for me! She researched 
and dug and wrote everything down that we needed answers to! 
My Wonderful Mother and her Notes :) 

We had to take pictures to document it. 
Dr. H comes in smiling I introduce him to my mom
they shake hands and he sits down. 
He asks me how I am holding up. 
Then says the test results came back normal. 
All of them. 
Then I let mom talk as she goes over our list of questions. 
My second pregnancy, after I called the Dr. he told me to start taking baby aspirin. 
this time. he did not. 
I should have been on it. 
Dr.H said if we were willing he would like to refer me to a RE 
Dr. B
Before Dr. H left the room he stood in front of me took my hands in his 
bowed his head and prayed aloud, Chills covered our bodies 
as he spoke to god. When he was finished he said Amen, and wiped his eyes. 
I feel so blessed to have him in our journey, he is a wonderful, caring man
one of the best doctors I have ever had. 
So now we are set to see the RE in May. Hopefully he can 
fix this problem with some heprin shots or maybe just the baby aspirin will do. 
We will have to wait and see. But I feel good moving forward to him. 
Nervous, but good. 
After we got in the car Mom googled Dr. B and found his 
profile to be AMAZING! 
He is an OBGYN a RE and he has clinical expertise in Infertility treatment, recurrent pregnancy loss, polycystic ovary syndrome and reproductive surgery!!!! 
Oh and he is rated top 5 in the state! 
I am so relieved that we are going to see him!


  1. such a great news!! I hope that things work out for you!!

  2. Oh such good news both that there was nothing wrong genetically and also that you found a good RE! God, when I went to my RE after my miscarriage he told me I should look into therapy because I could "barely hold it together" as I recounted the story of my miscarriage 2 weeks after it happened! Bastard! Your Dr. sounds amazingly sensitive! Good luck with the new RE, hoping and praying he can help you!

  3. Such great news!!!!
    Cheers to the future!
    and what an amazing Dr. to pray!

  4. It sounds like you've been in the hands of an amazing, caring doctor. I hope you like your RE and have success with him. Good luck with everything, my dear!

  5. i've been thinking about you so much, alexis and hoping that your appointment went well! and it sounds like it went happy to hear. your doctor sounds like such a sweetheart, caring and wonderful man!
    the photos of you and your mom are too cute. your mom is awesome!
    yay for great results! and yay for a great new dr that will be by your side on this journey! i'm SO happy for you!
    and as always, i'm sending tons of positive vibes, thoughts and prayers your way!! <3

  6. So happy everything came back normal. You're doctor is a true professional. This RE sounds great and I am hoping he can help you guys out. Glad you are feeling positive too. Looking forward to following to see what's next for you. :)

  7. So happy you have a great Dr. it makes such a difference!! Praying you have the same experience with your RE!!

  8. So great everything was ok, and I'm so glad you have such a supportive doctor...he sounds wonderful!

  9. Your MD sounds amazing!! Hopefully the new RE will be just as supportive and will bring you to your destination.

  10. luvin ur positive blog :) Was quick to click follow! please check mine out I'm just starting out if u like it follow :) I'd love to get feedback from you <3

  11. I'm so happy everything came back normal! Love your mom to pieces! Everything is going to be just fine! :)