Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I ♥ My RE!


We met with our new RE..Dr. B
He is absolutely fabulous! 
Since Scott is busy running the Art world my Mom came with me
Dr. B came out to get us himself from the waiting room! 
we followed him to his office and started at the beginning
2 hours later...
He decided we will be doing more labs 
another blood clotting test, and a chromosomal test
also a HSG test, where they inject the dye into your uterus and x-ray it 
moving through out your reproductive system. (umm yikes) 
Then we are going to pick up clomid where we left off at 150mg
only this time we will do the trigger shot..
 we are upping my Metformin dose to 1700mg a day
once we conceive we are adding 
Heparin injections, along with progesterone tablets
We really feel comfortable with this plan 
I love the office and the staff, and Dr. B is perfect for us! 
So in the words of Dr. B 
"Here We Go" 

  ( Right after 2 cycles of AF...)


  1. I feel so happy and confident with you [and Scott] in his hands!!!
    You are sooooo lucky to have an OB and a RE with such caring, compassionate bed side manners.
    Now let's get back in the car and keep on going! [or do you want to go in your Cousin's plane this time?] lol

    1. LoL! Flying would be much faster! Do you think he would let us steer?

  2. So good to hear you're getting back on the wagon and that you like your RE! Good luck waiting out your next 2 cycles and remember, keep an eye on that cervical mucus, you just never know!

    1. :) Thank You! I certainly will! & Yayay for you Miss 24 weeks!! :D

  3. I'm glad you had a great appointment with your new RE. Good luck with your future treatments!

  4. woo hoo!
    Great things to come :)

  5. I'm glad you found someone you like. Moving forward with the tests sounds very promising. Good things are on the horizon!

  6. alexis, YAY!!! wow...your dr is awesome...i can totally tell he means business in such a good way. i love his approach!
    and i love your happy attitude and strength <3
    off subject, but woah, did you get bangs too? I LOVE them! they're sassy and sexy!

    you haven't left my thoughts and prayers
    and, i can't thank you enough for all of yours. THANKY YOU <3
    wishing you a wonderful thursday and a healthy, happy next few months of healing!

  7. Yay for you! I love my RE too. The HSG isn't bad I built it up more in my head but it is only super uncomfortable for like 30 seconds. Excited for you!

    1. Oh GOOD to hear!! Thank you! that makes me feel much much better!

  8. Im so glad that you love your RE! So excited for you!

  9. Sounds exciting (and scary....dye yikes) I can't wait for this new adventure for you guys! PS...your skin looks uh-mazing in the picture!

  10. I had an HSG in December and it was not bad at all. It was about as sucky as a pap smear and lasted about the same amount of time. The whole thing lasted less than 5 minutes from beginning to end and the uncomfortable part lasted less than one minute. And when I say "uncomfortable" I would compare it to AF type cramps. Good news is that many women fall pregnant in the few months following an HSG!

  11. Fantastic fantastic news! I am so glad it went so well and that he was so thorough x

  12. Oh yay! This is wonderful news. I will be praying for you! Your re sounds fantastic!

  13. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the words of encouragement! That's great news about your new doctor. I think having a good doctor that you trust and feel comfortable with makes the world of difference. And I agree with what everyone has said about the HSG, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected. I actually didn't have any pain at all with mine but my doctor did have me take a prescription dose of ibuprofen beforehand to help counteract any discomfort. I hope that this is the plan that works for you!!