Monday, April 16, 2012

Smile More

 Lots of pics below, if you are not in the mood to read! :) 

Lately. It feels like every other day is a good day. 
It's hard to keep my strong face all day long, and sometimes when I get home 
breaking down is what feels right. It doesn't last long at all, a short cry 
and a little relaxing break on my comfy couch usually does the trick. 
I feel like I am doing good though. I am always reminding myself to smile more! 
 I can talk about it more now,you know with out crying. 
(sometimes) depending on who I am talking to. 
Most everyone is afraid to say anything so they just avoid the topic all together, 
which is fine with me, if I want to talk about it I will bring it up. 
I had cocktails with a good friend last night and after about an hour she said 
"okay, I'm just gonna say it, How are you doing?" 
I told her how I was feeling and what all has been on my mind, and it was 
nice to talk it out, some of the things that I have been thinking but never said. 
Another friend sent me a lovely email, she also lost her baby at 12 weeks, 
she attends a support group once a month and invited Scott and I to go with her. 
I feel like I wanna go and see what it's like. After 3 losses you start to question yourself 
and your body A LOT more than ever before. The next meeting is in 3 weeks, so we have 
a little time to decide if we want to attend. 

I have my check up tomorrow to make sure the infection has passed, 
and to get the results of the testing. I am nervous. But hopeful.
We decided we are not giving up, its not like us to give up. 
We  know in our hearts that we will one day soon be parents to a living breathing child 
that we can hold in our arms. ♥

Always remember to Keep Faith, Keep moving forward, Keep smiling, 
& Keep your thoughts positive :)

Now onto the random pictures of the weekend! :P

One Pink Ray, Shooting up from the setting sun! 

Mmmm a Bloomin Onion from Outback :)

I like to capture days when I smile :D

Just a pretty building :)

Shannon's getting Married! Me Shannon and Elizabeth as her bridal shower!                  

This is Shannon :)

Couch date :)
Adorable Miss Mia ♥

Mexican Night :) that big drink is my long island! It's been a while since I have had one of those bad boys! Whew what fun!
I love holes in the clouds it reminds me of the country song "holes in the floor of heaven"
I was shopping this weekend, when walking past the JR. section this caught my eye!                                seriously...SERIOUSLY?!? and people wonder why so many teenagers think its "cool" to get pregnant! 

My mom made this using the flowers we received from family and friends as the background for her inspiring words


  1. I can't even imagine the pain you have been going through- You are so super strong and I just know you two are going to make amazing parents one day! It's SO SO hard to not question our bodies though- I know. Just know that I am praying for you and am rooting for this to work like so many others! :)

  2. i got so excited when i saw your new post show up on my dashboard! :) i'm up, being my usual vampire self. you always take such beautiful photos. and share such wonderful memories. i am DROOLING over that bloomin' onion photo... i JUST said to steve yesterday, "you know what i'm craving...a bloomin' onion!" (in hopes that he would be too) he made a scrunched up face and ewww'ed at it. booo! lol
    ahhh, and that mexican awesome! long islands are so good (and dangerous :) it was steve's favorite drink when we first met. we would get them with a splash of chambord, and it tasted like rasberry tea. :)
    alexis, i'm sending SO much love your way. i hope that your appointment goes exactly as you wish and the results are ones you're hoping for!
    i will be thinking about you and keepin' the prayers coming!!
    i am excited for your update. keep on being you. you rock! <3

    1. Lmao, I refer to Scott as a vampire! he could stay up all night! then function normal the next morning! Not me! I need my sleep! Lol! Mmm that bloomin' onion was so good! go get yourself one soon!! Thank you lots for the good thoughts and prayers! :D

  3. You are sooooo amazing Daughter of mine and so is Scott!
    You are so right, it is not like you two to give up. I am so happy to read your words.
    No more walking around the grocery store with my sunglasses on crying! lol
    Nothing but positive thoughts from here on out.

    1. Thank you Momma! haha! I love that story! Yes positive thinking only beyond this point!

  4. Keep kicking ass and don't give are an awesome couple (from my blog browsing of course)!! Love all the pictures and smiles :)

  5. I am so glad that you are not going to give up and I am so proud of you for being so strong. It sounds like your friends have been amazing too. That is great!