Friday, April 6, 2012

100th post with a lot to say

Thank you to everyone that commented on my last post, 
your words about my strength and courage
 have given me even more strength and courage! 
I don't think I would be healing so fast with out all of this amazing support! 
it is so much appreciated! Please know that I am still following all of your journeys, 
I am just not to the point of commenting, but I am there! I am reading and praying 
for all of you! Thank you for praying and thinking of us!

Yesterday had it's highs and lows..

Yesterday morning, I woke up in worse pain then the day before. 
I phoned my OB office to see if they could call me in something for the pain
with about 100 calls back and forth they finally decided I needed to come in. 
I shouldn't have been in as much pain as I was and they needed to check things out. 
As I pulled in the parking garage, the flood of Monday morning poured in. 
walking down the hall way to the office, I thought to myself what a 
blur Monday was, that morning I had to come up to the office
 to sign the surgery consent form
I remember how I could barley see through blurry tear filled eyes 
as my husband led me in...memories I would rather not remember. 
Anyways As soon as I signed in, I was called back. 
Dr. H did my surgery not Dr. W so that is who I was following up with, 
I really like him, a lot. Before my surgery he came to my bed side and held my hand 
as I cried, he wiped my tears and told me not to worry, that everything would be okay. 
Once in the exam room, I sat there for what seemed like an hour, Until the door 
finally opened and Dr. H walked in. He tapped my knee and said 
how are you holding up lady?
I explained what was going on as he explained how he thought maybe I had an infection. 
one quick peek and he confirmed the infection in my endometria lining. 
A prescription was written, but I was not yet on my way. 
He explained how he would like to get some blood work to look for some common causes
of recurring miscarriages. & that as soon as the results from the genetic testing came 
back he would call me himself with the results. He really helped to reassure me that 
we would find answers and that I will one day have a successful pregnancy. 

With all that being said, everyday I feel more alive again. 
I feel like everything is going to be okay. 
Scott and I have been at my parents all week, My mom and I spend each day together
and I must say I know 
I would have never survived this week with out her.
Last Nights Sunset.

Yesterday, I smiled. I even laughed! 

My mom sent me to the hair dresser in the morning then to get a spray tan in the afternoon. 
& after my appointment we bought shoes. 

I have to tell everyone about these shoes...
If you have a pinterest I am sure you have seen the picture of the 
tiffany blue pumps!? 

Well I decided yesterday I had to have them! 
but they were no where to be found online or in the store! 
So we decided to pick up some white pumps some acrylic paint and a few 
sponge brushes! a few hours later...WALAAA! 
Tiffany Blue Shoes! 

 I will get some more pictures of these after they are completely dry and sprayed 
with the matte finish!

Painting shoes is easy, fun and inexpensive! 
I may just have to paint a few more pairs to add to my new collection!


  1. I am soo soo happy you smiled!
    You deserve it, and one day you will have a successful pregnancy! I am hopeful for you! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Loving your shoes! I've been thinking about you tons and praying you get answers soon. Cheers to this week's highs and hoping the lows are few and far between in the coming weeks.

  3. You rock, Alexis! I'm so happy to hear you're smiling, laughing and painting pretty and sexy shoes...through it all! So sweet of your mom to send you off for some pampering. Your hair looks great and is such a pretty color!!
    You haven't left my thoughts. You'll be close in my prayers.
    Take it easy and feel whatever you need to...xoxoxo
    Happy Easter!

  4. Love the shoes!! Never thought about painting my own...just added this to my 'must try' list :) Glad to hear you're doing better; there will be days of ups and downs, but remember you always have support when needed!

  5. Gorgeous shoes!!
    I prayed for you while I was at church yesterday. I hope each day that passes brings you peace.

  6. so glad to read this post and know that you are ok. I am holding you in my heart xx