Thursday, May 23, 2013

Welcome ICLW Visitors!

Ladies I am so sorry!!! 
I have been out of town on a business trip for the last 4 days 
and completely forgot about ICLW! 
No worries though because I am here!! 

So welcome!~ 
I am Alexis...
I am a 27 year old infertile that has been pregnant 4 times,
(3 first tri miscarriages and 1 chemical pregnancy)
           We are currently on our 10th medicated cycle 
We have done 6 rounds of clomid with timed intercourse (round 3 we got pregnant but miscarried at 12 weeks) We cycled until November and took december and January off, January 2013 I had a chemical pregnancy which caused my period to be a no show for the month of February! March we did our first Femara/IUI cycle. BFN. April we did our second Femara/IUI cycle. BFN. May we are currently doing a Femara/IUI with Gonal-F injections! My follicle scan is Sunday at 8 am when we will decide if we are doing a 24 or 36 hour IUI. We are praying that this third IUI will result in our take home baby(ies)!! 
In my spare time I like to work on my Headband business 
My Mother and I opened the business in July of 2012 
and have been working hard ever since! 
We love making cute little babies even more adorable!! 
If you have a second please take a look at our creations & if you have 2 seconds like us on Facebook!
 I also love to do a little bit of photography on the side :) 
This was my first "real shoot" Michelle is one of my great friends from High School. She is getting married next year and asked me if I would do a few pictures for her! I am working on a full blog post of this shoot filled 
with their pictures! So be on the look out for that! I also love to shop, read, blog & take baths in my spare time! 
Oh and our favorite couple spare time activity is 
rock hunting! ;) 
We just head down to the creek and look for cool rocks!
We are pretty close to having enough to build a house! 

This is Scott :) 
He is my handsomly hot husband! Scott is the most incredible man you will ever meet! My friends ask me all the time if they can clone him :) He is a jack of all trades! Scott is a graphic designer / business owner / embroider / manager He really can do anything you ask of him. I married this wonderful man 5.5 years ago! He is the best thing that has ever happened to me!  I know he will make an incredible Daddy!   Hopefully soon :) 

This is Our Journey Through This Lovely Life
We hope you would love to follow along! 


  1. hi from iclw! Hope you get your bfp this cycle!

  2. i didnt know you had a boutique and did photography!
    i liked your page and messaged you :)

  3. Glad to see you back!! Lots and lots of baby dust heading your way. I can't wait to hear how your follicle scan goes on Sunday!

  4. Love and prayers for a blessed Sunday!! Been saying big prayers for you, pretty lady! Xoxox

  5. Hi from ICLW! Those headbands are way cute. I hope we both have a bundle of joy that can wear one soon...preferably not my pug, Winston!

  6. Hi from ICLW - love the headbands!!!

  7. Your headbands are very cute. Hope you get a nice juicy follicle on Sunday morning!! Best of luck on this cycle.

  8. Hello from ICLW! I almost forgot this month, too.

    I'm so sorry about your losses- I lost 4 as well, though I am lucky that I did manage to have one child. Best of luck with your current cycle- Hopefully you'll be making one of those beautiful headbands for your own baby soon!

  9. Hello from ICLW - I was late too. Good luck with your cycle. Your head bands are so cute!

  10. Hi, from ICLW! I adore those headbands!!! Sending you good thoughts and hope things work out this time around!!!