Friday, May 24, 2013


5 things Friday! 
the about "us" edition 

1. We say "I love You" All. The. Time. 
No joke some of my friends yell at us when 
their around because we constantly say 
"I love you babe" 
2. We never NEVER go to bed angry. 
Someone gave me this advice before we got married
and we have followed it since we said "I Do" 
I won't lie there are some moments when 
we are laying there wondering who is going 
to break first.. and it usually always me. 
But we always resolve it before we fall asleep.  
3. We have been married for 5 and a half years
& just a month ago
we put a TV in our room. 
another little piece of advice we heard before we got hitched, 
was a TV in the bedroom
would kill the romance. 
So no TV it was! 
But after some rearranging
of things in our house 
we ended up with a 43 inch flat screen on the dresser -_-
it really hasn't killed our romance though 
we hardly turn it on! 
4. We have a lot of opposites..
He likes to stay up late, I like to go to bed early
His idea of relaxing is doing things, my idea of relaxing is laying around
He loves Sweet, I love Salty 
He has no road rage, I am the definition of road rage :)
Opposites attract it's true! 
5. We made a packed shortly after I began this blog
that we would not let our Infertility break us.
Infertility is hard, it's hard on me it's hard on him,
and it's hard on us.
But we use our love to strengthen us.
and together we can get through anything!  

& if ya don't you know! 


  1. I'm usually the one who breaks first too!

  2. Love this post. Love your positive attitude. Love you xoxo

  3. Love this post :) We also heard and follow the second piece of advice!

  4. Love! I was given advice not to buy a bed bigger than a queen or it will kill our romance. So we passed on the king. Funny the things that stick in your head.

  5. Hi there via ICLW! What a fantastic list....I especially love the last one. Not many couples pay attention to their relationship when dealing with IF. Talk about a romance-sucker....nothing compared to a TV. ;-)


  6. Nice post!! I love people in love. We say I love you all the time too... it is the best thing to hear!

  7. Love the pictures and the info with each one.

    Happy ICLW

    ICLW #30