Monday, May 13, 2013

Maxwell Turns 1 Year Old!

This weekend we celebrated Maxwell's 1st Birthday! 
He was my 5th live birth and my first csection to attend ! 
Just call me "The Professional Baby Catcher!" 
He is so adorable and growing 
so quickly! He is also the little brother of Nathan 
remember my pseudo child that ate a dime? 
Anyways Saturday was spent doing some last minute 
shopping and lots of decorating! 
Sunday was filled with food prep and final touches 
I may have even driven to Lucy's like this... 
I also may have been driving next to a cop 
the entire way, singing Dixie Chicks at the top of my lungs...
I am actually quite surprised he didn't pull me over! 

Before we knew it, it was time for friends, family and food! 
My 3 favorite F's :) 

Here is a quick look at the Birthday Boy
Happy 1st Birthday Maxwell! 


I also wanted to share my beautiful gift from my Mother!
She gave me this bracelet yesterday for Mothers Day..
A hard day for all of us still waiting for our tiny miracles 
It says "Even miracles take a little time." 
It's a quote from Cinderella! 
I love it so much! 
and it is so true! Miracles do take time! 
We are still waiting for ours! 
Hopefully we won't have to wait much longer! 



  1. Love, love the's beautiful. Looks like you had a blast at Maxwell's 1st Birthday!

  2. I hope you get your BFP this week!

  3. Love this post! All the happy things, love the bracelet too!!

  4. You got great pictures of little Maxwell!
    LOVE the curlers in the hair driving! It takes me back to my childhood when it was the norm to see girls running around with huge curlers in their hair, but with their make up done with perfection. lol
    I'm glad that you loved your bracelet!

  5. What a beautiful and thoughtful bracelet! I love the saying!

  6. Oh I love the bracelet! And a very meaningful quote too.

    FX for you tomorrow BTW :)

  7. That bracelet is gorgeous, and it's so meaningful! I've been thinking about you nonstop. Seriously. I'll probably be refreshing your page all day tomorrow, so just be prepared for thousands of Boston-area hits! Sending so much baby dust and love your way!!

  8. happy birthday to handsome maxwell. you and your mother are amazing. just wrote her what an inspiration the two of you are.
    that bracelet is so sweet and sentimental. you will have that always and be able to show your little miracle one day. <3<3<3 so much love