Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Things Friday!

Five things About Me
 That You Might Not Know! 

1. I have NO cavities! 
When I was little I had all of my teeth 
except 2 pulled! I have the longest roots you will ever see! 
How are your chompers?! 

2. I've been in an earthquake and a Hurricane! 
I was young, and in Las Vegas with my parents 
I remember looking out the window from 
the 17th floor and seeing the buildings around us swaying! 
The Hurricane occurred the day we were planning 
to leave our vacation in Florida, We were delayed 
leaving by a few days! I've never seen such a storm! 
Have you ever experienced a natural disaster?

3. I've ridden in an Ambulance once. 
and hopefully never again! 
I had my tonsils out when I was 18 
and  they bled so bad that my mom had to call 911
Have you ever ridden in an Ambulance?

4. I've called 911 for a real bad emergency
(I've called other times too, to report car accidents and such) 
but the one time I had to call in a shear panic 
We were having a NYE party
people were leaving and we 
were about to go to bed when we heard 
someone screaming in the front yard! 
we went out to find one of Scott's friends 
badly beaten and unconscious
It was awful! He is now fully recovered 
but went through many surgeries 
and has a metal plate in his head. :( 
Have you ever had to call 911?

5. I have a slight obsession with clothes
seriously you should see my "wardrobe room" right now! 
It's is ridiculous! 
When I was in high school I never wore 
the same thing lie. 
I have gotten better as I've gotten older, 
I now have the bring one in take one out rule! 
Buy three shirts, donate three shirts! 
Do you have an obsession with clothes, shoes or jewelry?


*TTC update, Not much to's 11dpiui 9dptrigger2
and I have yet to pee on anything! I am still holding 
strong for the 15th! :D 


  1. I had to have a bunch of my teeth pulled when I was little too (baby teeth) because they just refused to fall out on their own! I can not wait until the 15th for you!!! FX!

  2. You are so cute! I love your blog!! Good job not peeing on anything...if you get desperate just pull a twig from the tree, then you can say you peed on a stick...might fool your brain!
    Question for have the best looking skin...what's your secret?

  3. 1- Pretty good, I DO have cavities/fillings though... wahhh wahhhh
    2- I live in tornado alley but have never seen an actual tornado.
    3- I have actually ridden in an ambulance with a friend that passed out from dehydration. Thank goodness it wasn't anything worse but we were scared!
    4- Yeah, but for smaller things like you said. I did call 911 after seeing a biker get hit by a car though, but he was fine and walked away... oh yeah, and I called 911 when I saw a gang beating up some kid on the streets of Chicago... definitely while I was in the car though and drove away as fast as I could!
    5- Not really. I guess I love to have my hair straightened but that's only because I hate it's natural look when it's dried. Not really curly/wavy, just frizzy!

    I'm counting down the days til the 15th! FX for you!

  4. i can't wait for the 15th for you! it's a lucky day! it's my mom's birthday. :) ahhh, i loved this post! i always learn so much about you. i lol that you never wore an outfit twice. i used to be like that in high school too. ahh, i still love clothes! you always look fabulous, alexis!!

  5. You have incredible strength! I doubt I could wait that long. :-)

  6. Good for you for holding out! I don't have that kind of will power. Fingers crossed!

    1) No cavities here, either. I also still have all my wisdom teeth. Apparently, I truly am a big mouth.
    2) Tornadoes and floods. Tons of them. Luckily, no one I know has ever been hurt or killed, but I've helped a lot of people try to salvage their belongings from damaged/destroyed houses.
    3) Last summer when I messed up my back so badly, I couldn't even walk to the car for my husband to take me to the hospital.
    4) I've called for accidents I've witnessed and other things. I also called once when a guy collapsed in a park while my mom did CPR on him. Unfortunately, we found out later he died. His aorta was shredded, so he was basically gone even while my mom was doing CPR.
    5) Shoes. My husband says I can't buy anymore. Silly boy!