Friday, May 31, 2013

Five Things Friday

It's Five Things Friday! 

1} I am an only child! 

2} I am a clomid baby! My mom took clomid to get pregnant with me! 

3} I broke my leg when I was 18 months then made it 
24 years before I broke my wrist and my left foot in the same year...
I broke my wrist after I tripped on a rug I swear my pointy high 
heels had nothing to do with it! I actually fractured my foot stepping into my 
garage It was the first day of the pool opening and I was super excited to go! 
The crazy part is I thought it was just sprained and left for CO the 
next day, when I returned 5 days later my foot was the size of my head
and I decided then would be a good time to have an Xray... 
yes I blinged out my cast ;D
and since I can't find the picture of my super huge foot here is
a picture from our trip to CO (when I walked around with a broken foot)
and Scott laid out in the sun a tad bit to long!

4} I used to be an Indian Princess :) 
No really! 
Indian Princesses was a group of fathers and daughters
that got together once a month to do crafts 
and twice a year we had weekend long camp outs! 
My name was Little Fox, his name was Big Bear
this picture was from the year he was Chief of the Fox tribe! :)

I don't even know how to put into words my excitement that I witnessed this 
crazy event! True Story: I was over at my friend Jenn's house we were out 
back on the deck talking with another one of her friends and I was telling 
them about how we need to take a vacation to the Outter Banks in NC 
because when I went the sky and shooting stars were out of this world amazing! 
NO LIE as I am telling the story I see this crazy fire ball flying across the sky! 
We stood there shell shocked for a good 5 minutes saying 
Oh My God over and over again! It was incredible! 
Even more incredible...My husband was at our house 
standing the the driveway and saw the exact same thing! 
and it made it to the news today! 


  1. A fire ball?! That's awesome - and a lucky sign, I think!

  2. I love the blinged out cast!!

  3. this was such an awesome post! you and your dad are too cute!! and i LOVE your cast...seriously awesome and so you! :)
    that fireball is crazy!! i agree with Elizabeth - a great sign! xoxox