Friday, May 3, 2013

Five Things Friday

Five things about me...
that you might not know! 

1. I am the worst at worst case scenario
If Scott doesn't answer the phone on the 3rd 
call I automatically think the worst. 
same goes for all friends and family.. 
what about you? 
are you a worst case scenario freaker outer 
or cool calm and collective?

2. I am the worst public speaker! 
In college I took a public speaking 
class that I HATED! One time I stood outside 
the door and waited until the impromptu session was over..
but I walked in a bit too early and got put on the spot.
My word was Pride... 
I made the most awful speech ever that consisted 
of two sentences. 
"Pride, um, pride is good. You have pride I have pride we all have pride." 
ya that was the extent of that speech! 
p.s. I think I only passed the class because I sold the teacher
Scott's beater car that he was looking to get rid of. 
she no longer had to ride the bus and I no longer had to 
participate in public speaking :) 
Do you have an issue with public speaking? 

3. I am a very picky sleeper! 
I have to have a cold pillow case and cold sheets
one leg must be outside of the blanket 
and the other foot must be sticking out of the bottom. 
(Scott says my feet have a claustrophobia issue,
this could explain why I also hate socks)
I also must have a pillow between my knees 
and a pillow to hold on too :) 
I think I have my mother to thank for these sleeping requirements! 
Are you a picky sleeper? 

4.  I sing at the top of my lungs when a cop is beside me 
or behind me...For some reason I think 
that if I appear calm and uncaring that he is near me 
he won't pull me over! Even when I am doing 
absolutely nothing wrong I have a fear that he might just 
flip on those lights to ruin my day! Singing has 
worked for a while now! (knock on wood) 
Do you do anything silly to appear calm 
when a cop is near?

5. I am addicted to my Iphone...
I am currently trying to break that addiction! 
I seriously always have it in my hand! 
even when I go to the bathroom I take it with me! 
So bad I know! 
I have been trying to leave it on the charger around 8pm 
and try very hard not to pick it up more than 12 times!
addicted I said! I am addicted! 
Are you addicted to your phone?



  1. I am currently breaking my iPhone addiction. I have deleted the FB app off of it and also now put my purse, therefore my phone, in the back seat when I drive anywhere. I almost re-ended someone last week b/c I was distracted b/c of my phone. I use the iPhone to play all my music while driving, so this week I made up some old school style mixed CD's, which was kinda fun! So far it's going okay, but crazy how often I look down at the center console for it when I'm on the road. Good luck!

  2. LOL! The image of you singing is hilarious! I'm a picky sleeper, too. And I hate public speaking...and yes, I'm definitely a worst-case-scenario-er. I'm addicted to my phone (sadly though, not an iphone). I've actually gotten to the car, put the babies in their car seats, turned the engine on, and then had to undo everything because I realized my phone was still in my room. I needed it though! In case of a worst case scenario! ;)

  3. 1) It really depends on the day. Some days, I'm fine. Other days, I imagine the worst has happened.
    2) I can do public speaking, but I don't like it at all. My face gets flushed, so I know that if I'm going to be speaking, I have to wear make-up.
    3) Yes! Fan on (even in winter; it drowns out the husband's snoring), feet sticking out, and a pillow to hug.
    4) Not that I've noticed.
    5) I don't have a smart phone, so not really.

  4. Alexis, this was so much fun! I laughed so hard! What an awesome idea - the singing when near a cop. I kinda get the same feeling too...I have never tried singing but I always just try and keep calm. Steve is hilarious when a cop is near him...he gets all paranoid and I tease him all the time. I am the same way with my phone. It's past 4 am and I can't sleep and what am I doing...reading your blog (on my phone lol).
    I always have to sleep with a foot out too. Cold sheets rock! :)
    I hope you have an amazing weekend! Thinking of you tons! Xoxox

  5. I'm pretty sure that I got the habit of holding onto a pillow from you! Remember when you were little and use to slip one under my arm at nap time so that you could sneak down off of the bed?! LOL What a little genius you were. I would wait until your feet hit the floor and say ummm excuse me, where are you going?
    My phone, how did I ever live without it?!
    The Cop thing, I stick by my original plan, I will pass out, not that I would be faking, I probably would really pass out from an anxiety attack! lol
    As for you being a "Freaker Outer" I can't for the life of me imagine where you got that! haaaa
    Love you!

  6. I have the EXACT same weird sleeping habits. Think it's genetic?


  7. I am a total worst-case scenario person when people don't pick up their phones. Which may be because I am also an iPhone addict. I figure that, since I always have mine on me, if someone else doesn't pick up it's because they are missing or had an accident or something. Why else would you not pick up??