Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stuck Like Chuck..

Urban Dictionary: 

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to be shit outa' luck...cant win for losin'
I didn't make parole again I guess i'm just stuck like chuck
by boss Mar 26, 2005 share this add a video
2.stuck like chuck21 up8 down
When your completely wasted and you cant move; hence being stuck.
Yo I cant make it to the party man...I'm stuck like chuck.
by Avi Jamal Aug 2, 2005 share this add a video
3.stuck like chuck21 up9 down
Stuck in a situation that you can not get out of easily
That poor guy got stuck like chuck and could not get out of it.
I had to post these because they are hilarious!! 

 So #4. would read 
4. Stuck like Chuck 
Stuck in the middle of a cycle with resting ovaries and a lining of 11.7! 
she was stuck like chuck waiting on her period. 

Yesterday I went in for an ultrasound to find out 
where Aunt Flo is.. 
The appointment went like this...
3:50pm I arrive for my 4:00pm appointment
Lovely lady at the front tells me he is running 30 minutes behind
So I sit, over on the left by myself minding my own business
when the couple from across the room decides they want 
to watch Ellen. Over they come interrupting my photo session. 
He is in flip flops.. mind you we got 8 inches of snow the night before
and she is in a hoodie and some very dirty gym shoes. 
I'm not judging. I'm just sayin...
So they proceed to start up a conversation 
about his baby mama drama and how she won't 
let him  have his kid when he wants, and how he 
just wishes she wasn't so damn complicated... 
I can't help but pick up my phone and begin to text 
my mom their entire conversation.. at this point I am fuming 
thinking what in the hell are they doing here? 
I know I don't know their story or what they have been 
through but my first reaction to them was why?
why are you here if all you do is fight?
do you really want to bring a baby into that?
They continued to argue as he complained 
saying "what the hell is taking so long" 
All I could think was.. Nice. Real Nice...
I wish I could have taken a picture of his face
when the nurse opened the door and called my name!
I went back and got in position..
and waited
and waited
and waited.
Finally I hear them shuffling out side of my room
then a quick knock and the door creaking open.
{deep breath}
We begin and the first thing he sees is how thick my lining is
(I'm not gonna lie I was staring at the screen hoping to see 
a small black circle and for him to say "Surprise, your pregnant!")
But that didn't happen...
So then he checks my ovaries, just a bunch of PCOS
hanging out around there.. The left ovary aka The Hider
was tucked up at the tip top of my uterus
holy moly did that hurt!
He finally said that I was basically stuck in a cycle.
& from the labs last week he said my estrogen level was very high.
I was ready to start but just wasn't starting.
Just when I thought it was time to put my pants back on
he starts talking about a procedure that we may need to do called
Ovarian Drilling..
Say what?!
Basically what they do it a laparoscopy
through your belly button and poke holes in the walls
of your ovaries. this is supposed to help your hormones
and may even make you start ovulating on your own!
Its out patient and covered by insurance!
We decided that we will go through with this first cycle
of Famara and IUI and if it doesn't work
we will contemplate having  procedure done.
and then try again.

I'm ready..
Lets get this show on the road! 

P.S. I am so so sorry but I had to turn my word verification
back on for now, You would not even believe the amount
of spam comments I am getting! It is driving me CRAZY!
I hope this works!
I will turn it back off in a few weeks I promise! 


  1. wow ovary drilling!! I hope you strike ovarian gold ;)

  2. Not cool, not cool at all. Are they going to give you anything to start, like progesterone, or are they just making you wait it out? Waiting sucks. I hope AF comes soon!!

  3. Okay, so we're in the car, we're going to drive to the destination and the %&*%*& car won't start?! Just our luck lol.
    Holy Moly just a little bit of luck on this journey wouldn't hurt WOULD IT?!
    Love you... keep fighting with all that you have.

  4. Ugh. Isn't that the WORST hearing people fight and complain when you would do ANYTHING for that precious child? It hurts. Ugh. I am 8 days past my cycle and feeling like a gigantic whale. Sending lotsa love!

  5. i'm so sorry you had to hear that couples ridiculous-ness! i'm so sorry you have to are so patient and driven. you're a fighter. i hope she comes SOON so you can get your next cycle started!
    the stuck like chuck had me cracking up.
    and you look so pretty!
    have a wonderful weekend, alexis. praying and hoping xoxox

  6. I hate hearing couple ridiculessness drives me insane. Hoping that she makes her appearance so you can get started!

  7. Ovary drilling sounds like a load of fun...Not! Hope everything gets back on track soon :)